Top 10 Uses for a DIY Walk-In Cooler

A DIY walk-in cooler can make storing vegetables, beer and wine, and meat both affordable and energy efficient. Here are some ways you can use a walk-in cooler for home projects.

1. Root cellar / cold storage room

Calling all homesteaders! Finally, there’s a modern and affordable way to keep your food fresh and in the perfect environment without having to dig a hole in the ground.

cold storage

2. Wine cellar

Are you an oenophile? Keep your wine at the perfect 55 degrees with a temperature- and humidity-controlled walk-in cooler. Find out how IT professional Rob Esau transformed his crawl space into a wine cellar for less than $1,000.

3. Fermenting room

If you brew your own beer, you know that maintaining the perfect temperature for fermenting matters — a lot. And if you’re brewing at home, having a walk-in cooler to store your growing beer collection can help you stay organized, so you can keep the beer flowing.

fermenting room

4. Produce cooler

When you grow most of your own food, storing your harvest in a cool, dark spot is crucial to avoid spoilage. Keep your bounty at the perfect temperature with a DIY walk-in cooler.


Affordable Walk-In Coolers


5. Flower cooler

Are you a master gardener? A walk-in cooler can help force bulbs, keep flowers fresh, and prep seeds for the next season.

flower cooler

6. Survival pantry

A walk-in cooler helps ensure your food is stored properly — and at the right temperature — if disaster strikes. Learn how to turn the contents of your survival pantry into meals fit for a king from Chef Keith Snow.

7. Cheese cave

Keep your cheese at the perfect temperature with a temperature controlled walk-in cooler without breaking the bank. See how people make cheese from New Hampshire to Nepal.

cheese cave

8. Meat cooler

If you’re a hunter, a walk-in cooler gives you a space to store your game until you can get it to a processor. See how hunters DIY their own meat cooler.

Learn more about how hunters use the CoolBot to help store and cool meat all season long. It also helps meat taste better!

The Hunter’s Answer to Cold Storage >>

9. Curing chamber

If you already cure meat at home, you know temperature, humidity, and air flow is paramount — and that simply hanging sausage in your garage doesn’t suffice. With a walk-in cooler, you can easily control the temperature and humidity to get a safe, decent product.

Sausage curing

10. Emergency shelter

Besides storing food, a walk-in cooler can provide a safe place if a natural disaster strikes. Just ask Amber Bradshaw. Though most of the time, she uses her cooler for food, it came in very handy as an emergency shelter when her region was hit by a hurricane last year.

All you need to get started on your DIY walk-in cooler is a well-insulated room, an air conditioner, and a CoolBot. If you need help, contact us. We have a ton of resources to make building your own cooler as simple as possible.

9 responses to “Top 10 Uses for a DIY Walk-In Cooler

  1. Just finished mine for Maple Syrup a month ago! LOVE IT. It now also does all my beer, and extra food storage. This little bot rocks!

  2. im concerned that the heat and humidity coming out the back end of the AC unit will warm the room in which the cooler is located. Have any past constomers compained of this? I am a baker and would like to install a small (4’x4′) cooling chamber in my baker to slow ferment my doughs, but am concerned that the AC unit will make the bakery space to warm and humid

    1. Hello Andrew,

      Usually not an issue at all with a CoolBot driven system. Using the CoolBot and Air Conditioner combination for a smaller space and with good insulation will result in minimal cycling time and a much smaller power generation surface vs. traditional sources. I will email you my cell phone and look to connect and discuss the project. We are honored to be part of it and thank you.

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  3. We would like to build 2 walk-in cold rooms (stationary and mobile), to store farm fresh vegetables and fruits, using prefabricated humidity-resistant panels, expanded polystyrene, aluminium composite panels and galvanised metal Square pipes. the other thing is that we are in West Africa; will the COOLBOT and window unit suffice under our humid climatic conditions?

    1. Hello Andrew, we would be excited to be part of the project and yes; the CoolBot / AC combo is a viable solution for your environment. We have over 40,000 CoolBots running in over 70 countries. Please email us your contact information at and our Director of International Sales will reach out you.

      With much appreciation,

    1. Thank you Ed,

      Appreciate your message and the CoolBot is becoming very popular in the after-life care industry. Will message you directly, but thank you again Ed and hope to work on another project with you in the future.

      Team CoolBot

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