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Build a walk-in meat cooler with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner

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• The CoolBot Walk-in Cooler harnesses the power of The CoolBot and can be assembled in two hours
• Includes professional quality walk-in cooler enclosure, CoolBot and window air conditioner
• Save $1,000s of dollars compared to conventional solutions

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Hunting and Meat Uses

As a hunter, you know that quickly cooling harvested game to a safe storage temperature is critical to avoiding meat spoilage – that’s why you field dress your harvest. Build an affordable walk-in meat cooler with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner, and take control of your harvest all the way from the field to the table. Enjoy a hunt without worrying about a long wait at the processor on the way home.

Hunters, meat processors, outfitters and lodges use CoolBots for their walk-in coolers. Our customers have used their CoolBots to store deer, alligators, kangaroos, and every type of game in between, all over the world. Whether you are an early season big game hunter, or a year-round rancher or processor, the CoolBot can help you save on your cooling needs.

Meat Cooler Construction

In addition to our General Construction Guide and A/C Selection Guide, here are a few tips for how to best use a CoolBot for your walk-in meat cooler:

Concrete Floor: For our customers who only use their coolers a few weeks out of the year, you can generally use a concrete floor without additional insulation. However, you should still use rigid foam insulation on the walls to reach an R value of at least 25.

Drain: Many of our hunting and meat customers need drainage for blood and spray washing the cooler. While drains are great for capturing liquid, they also can easily pull out the cold air from your cooler. Be sure to use an air tight seal with a cover for any drain, and keep it as small as possible. Keep the drain sealed and covered when not in active use.

Organization: We recommend installing a combination of a gambrel system and butcher’s hooks for a neat hanging setup. And for processed meat, stacking it on some inexpensive wire shelving.


Get CoolBot Pro Temperature Alerts via WiFi

With emergency temperature alerts, you can rest assured that a surprise power outage or heat wave won’t wipe out the contents of your cooler. You can also change temperature levels when you’re away from your cooler, view real time temperature readings, and see a 30-day temperature history from our free mobile app.

Getting started with meat processing?

Now that you’ve got your CoolBot walk-in cooler set up to keep your meat chilled and fresh, you’ll probably want to process it. There are many different tools of the trade, but most meat processors work with at least a few basics: a grinder, a slicer, and a vacuum sealer are a good combo to start with.

The STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF is a great meat grinder to start your processing operation with. It operates with 3 speeds, 3 different blades and plates, and comes with a variety of accessories including sausage stuffing tubes. The Weston No. 8 Commercial Meat Grinder is a higher-end commercial option as well.

For a meat slicer, the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer is one of the most popular on the market.

We like the FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealing System for vacuum sealing – it’s large enough for big game and has the capacity to do up to 80 consecutive seals.

Oh, and of course a dehydrator for jerky. We’ve used the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator for multiple types of jerky and for dried fruit too and love it.

Meat Curing

The ideal temperatures for curing meats tend to run on the higher end of the CoolBot’s temperature settings (around 55F), so a smaller A/C can often be used. A CoolBot-driven system generally runs at 70% – 90% humidity, right in the target range for most of our meat curing customers. For customers who desire a different humidity level, we suggest using calcium chloride, additional fans, or a mechanical dehumidifier as needed. Please note that if you use a mechanical dehumidifier, you will need to upsize your A/C from our normal sizing recommendation to account for the additional heat being generated by the dehumidifier.

What Customers Say

"I purchased a CoolBot from you last summer. I built a 4x4x7 cooler to hang deer in during the hunting season. This unit is the easiest to install and works beautifully.

I am a licensed refrigeration technician and I couldn’t have built this any cheaper or easier if I tried. It worked flawlessly last deer season and I couldn’t be happier with your product." 


I am a small deer processor in NJ (150-200 deer a year). I have a 10x10x10 Walkin cooler that I built to hang and age deer in. It has a rolling rail and power winch in side and can accommodate approx. 20 deer at a time. The COOLBOT controls an 11,000 btu A/C unit and holds 34 deg even during the early season when outside temp is 85 deg. It is such an important part of my business. Thank You for your GREAT support.“  


Hi guys, we bought our coolbot on 9-25-14 and love it. We have hung deer in it so far, and will use it for lamb in a couple weeks. This is for our home butcher shop. We are looking forward to using it for beef and pork next year as well. Thank you very much for inventing and selling this product.“


CoolBot In Action

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