Build your own walk-in cooler with
a CoolBot and an air conditioner

Save $1,000s compared to traditional cooling systems

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CoolBot Temperature Controller

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Save up to 74% in upfront costs and 40% in operating costs versus the conventional walk-in cooler refrigeration system.

CoolBot Temperature Controller

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A CoolBot can be installed by the average consumer in minutes. Travel to our installation page to see how easy it is.

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Purchase a CoolBot powered walk-in cooler for $1,000s less than conventional solutions.

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Customers on Amazon rate the CoolBot five stars, and we have sold over 45,000 CoolBots to customers in 70+ countries. Additionally, leading academic institutions such as UC Davis, Cornell, North Carolina State and The University of Vermont have provided positive coverage on the CoolBot. Come see what our customers have to say on our Amazon page, or check out our Uses pages to see how your peers are using the CoolBot.