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with a CoolBot and an air conditioner.

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Meet the CoolBot Family

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“The CoolBot is amazing, it was a total game changer for our business. Now we can hold the flowers and extend out sales window. “

ERIN BENZAKEIN   |   Owner/Founder, Floret Flower Farm

“With the CoolBot, we make everyone happy. It’s a less expensive option and the unit works great.”

AUSTIN JOSHUA GRIMM   |   Owner, All Pro Coolers

“CoolBot is worth its weight in gold.”

PETER NORLANDER PHD | Wiess Chair and Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor of Material Science and Nanoengineering

How The CoolBot Saves You Money

Save up 72% in upfront costs and 40% in operating costs compared to conventional walk-in coolers.

Top Uses for the CoolBot

The CoolBot is used by farmers, florists, hunters, brewers, and many others. See some of the coolest ways people are using their CoolBots!

Partnered with USAID, Feed the Future, and Fintrac

The Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program is a partnership between USAID and Fintrac that “invests in companies and organizations that are looking to engage smallholder farmers in the global agricultural marketplace.” The Technology Commercial Grants aim “to give 350,000 smallholder farmers access to affordable technologies to help them in areas ranging from improved yields and animal health and productivity to reduced postharvest loss.”


It’s that last area where the CoolBot comes in. By providing affordable cold storage, we’re helping smallholder farmers reduce postharvest loss — enabling them to make a living and feed their families.


To date, CoolBot has directly impacted 20,221 smallholder farmers in Honduras and Guatemala and that number should continue to grow as we expand our presence in both counties.

Additionally, Dole Food Company and Walmart have become CoolBot ambassadors in the region, either using CoolBot technology or recommending it to their suppliers.

Along with the progress we made with the major companies listed above, there were multiple examples of success stories like Jocón Milk Collection Center. This customer had a functional operation limited to 3,000 lbs. of production a week from a group of 34 milk producers. Within 6 months of installing a CoolBot powered walk-in-cooler Jocón Milk Collection Center increased production to 17,000 lbs. per week.