CoolBot Walk-In Cooler Controller

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USD $ 349.00

  • Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 34 F!
  • Build your own walk-in cooler – trusted by farmers, florists, hunters, brewers, restaurants, convenience stores, mortuaries, and more
  • Installs in minutes – no tools or electrical knowledge required
  • Guaranteed or your money back – join over 60,000 satisfied customers
  • Recommended by major university extension programs
  • Made in the USA and ships free to the USA & Canada
  • We ship globally – International shipping calculated at checkout
  • Buy two and get $50 off!  Use code pls1 at checkout
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  1. Store It Cold list price [2/16/2017]
  2. Quote from a leading supplier of name brand walk-in coolers [2/16/2017]
  3. Quote in Denver, Colorado for a standard walk-in cooler refrigeration system installation [5/17/2016]
  4. 41.7% energy savings when comparing a CoolBot-driven system versus a conventional refrigeration system for a simulated cooler. The simulated cooler was 250 square feet, located in Albany, and set at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. See page 13 of the NYSERDA report.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

29 responses to “CoolBot Walk-In Cooler Controller

  1. This is an amazing piece of equipment it turns a window unit air conditioner into a walk-in cooler compressor, fan, and controls without the expensive equipment of a conventional system. GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Take a window unit, a shipping container, a spray foam insulation kit and a CoolBot, and you can replace an overpriced & oversized refrigerated walk-in cooler! So easy!!

  3. I use an old milk truck for a walk-in cooler.The size is 10’x7’x6′.The CoolBot works fantastic. They are very easy to install and program.I have used the CoolBot in temperatures from 80* to 25*,it has maintained a constant temperature of 36* without any problems.I use the cooler for deer ,hogs and beef that we kill on our farm.The CoolBot saves me money by not having to find an HVAC person to service the cooler.I highly recommend the CoolBot for any home cooling needs.

      1. Hello Michael,

        Great question and hope to be of service in anticipation of hearing from Mr. Crawford. The CoolBot enables the Air Conditioner to blow the colder temperatures and this is facilitated by the Fin Sensors, which serve to shut the compressor of the AC down when frosting is detected. That being said, other variables can be of influence: insulation, moisture, AC over-sized for the cooler space. Our Customer Service Engineers are always on call should this scenario arise with helpful tips and tech support, we have you covered. We will reach out directly with some of the information and please contact us anytime.

        Thank you Michael,

        John Bergher
        Vice President of Sales & Marketing

          1. Hello Mary,

            Messaged you directly as well and most likely a 10 or 12K AC does the trick, just looking for approximate measurements. We do sell LG ACs and offer a discount in conjunction with a CoolBot or CoolBot Pro purchase as well.

            Look forward to hearing from you and being a resource on the project. Thank you for reaching out to us Mary!

            John Bergher
            Vice President Sales & Marketing

  4. This is a great product. Finally got my cooler built and it dropped the temperature to 40° in ten minutes. Highly recommend

  5. This company is topnotch in every way. The product does what they say it will do and is easy to use. Just hook it up to a A/C unit plug it in and that’s it!

  6. This product has transformed production at our small organic farm. We love, love, love it and cannot recommend it highly enough. We tell folks and other farmers about it all of the time, and a local pub even wants to install one for a beer cooler now.

    1. Thank you so much Laura,

      That is why we do it and we love hearing from the CoolBot community and are here if we can ever be of service. Stay Cool!

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing
      Store it Cold, LLC

    1. Thank you very much Mark! Wishing you a great season from our entire team!

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Mark,

      Good to go with the LG and sending you an email directly with a bit more information on AC’s and the all mighty CoolBot and CoolBot Pro.

      Thank you Mark,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Shoukat,

      The CoolBot & CoolBot Pro are compatible with many typed of Mini Split systems, but not all. I will email you a list of approved units directly and the list is always available on our website as well in the Library of our Support page. The approved list is on the way to you now and thank you for reaching out. We are excited to hear about your project.

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Indeed, the CoolBot and CoolBot Pro will function with mini splits. A list of compatible mini splits and sizing is available at in the “Build It” section as well as information on DIY CoolBot projects. I will be messaging you directly with the information and we look forward to being part of your cold storage solution.

      Thank you Daniel,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Good evening Kenneth,

      Shipping containers are used fairly frequently with CoolBots. Sizing and insulation as always are the prevailing variables and our team is available to help. Please reach out to our Customer Engineers at or 888-871-5723.

      I will also email you directly with a few examples.

      Thank you Kenneth,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  7. can you please send me a list of the window ac manufacturers that will work with the coolbot. I have a cool room for my daughters show cattle and would like to make it a little cooler.

  8. Would you be kind enough to forward a preferred list of AC units that are compatible with CoolBot? Looking to maintain cooling integrity while pelletizing hops. Thanks!

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