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Build a walk-in cooler for your dairy or cheese cave with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner and save up to $2,539

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CoolBot for Dairy and Cheese

You can build an affordable walk-in cooler for dairy powered by a CoolBot and a standard air conditioning unit. CoolBots are used in walk-in coolers for dairies, creameries and cheese caves around the world: we proudly have customers making cheese in CoolBot-driven coolers from New Hampshire to Nepal. Whether you are crafting a savory smoked gouda or a crumbly blue cheese, a CoolBot-driven cooling system can keep your cheese cave cool for an affordable price. Our customers save money in upfront costs, monthly electricity bills and costly repair technician visits by using a CoolBot compared to a traditional compressor system.

Cheese Cave Tips

In addition to our General Construction Guide and A/C Selection Guide, here are a few tips for how to best use a CoolBot in your cheese room:

Air Circulation: The amount and rate of fresh air introduced to the cooler affects the oxygen and ammonia in the air as well as the aging process. Our customers have found that the natural rate of opening and closing the door strikes the right balance, but additional ventilation can be added if necessary. Avoid placing cheese directly in the line of air flow from the A/C, as too much direct air can dry the cheese out.

Further Reading: There is a great write up on cheese making from Jennifer Betancourt, head cheese maker at Silvery Moon Creamery. To read more about cheese production and the rooms where it takes place, check out her essay at We’re proud to be mentioned in the report: “CoolBot with Conventional Air Conditioning – This is the rising star of this list of temperature control options! It is a relatively new device that several cheesemakers are utilizing with success.”

Stonewall Farm, a small dairy farm in New Hampshire, also has a nice write up on their use of the CoolBot.

What Customers Say

“This company is topnotch in every way. The product does what they say it will do and is easy to use. Just hook it up to a A/C unit plug it in and that’s it!”


…Well, finally, I am really happy to thank you once again about the CoolBot, really a great device! To built [sic] and insulate the coldroom was not an easy task… nothing is easy in Nepal! The work it was completed about 40 days ago… a really long wait! Anyway, the best part is that, it works simply perfect, definitely over my expectation…”


CoolBot In Action

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