Morgue Refrigerator

Build a walk-in cooler for your mortuary with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner

CoolBot for Mortuaries

Mortuaries, funeral homes and crematoriums across the country use CoolBots for their cooling needs. We are honored that directors across the country rely on us for their coolers. Our customers save money on their upfront costs, monthly electricity bills and expensive repair technician visits by using a CoolBot system as compared to a traditional compressor system.

You can build an affordable walk-in cooler powered by a CoolBot and a standard air conditioning unit.  If you have an existing walk-in in cooler with a failed compressor you can retro-fit it with the CoolBot, allowing you to keep your business up and running without deeply impacting your bottom line.

Get Temperature Alerts via Wi-Fi

With emergency temperature alerts, you’ll always be in the know if your cooler has experienced a power outage or if your cooler gets too hot or too cold. You can also change temperature levels when you’re away from your cooler, view real time temperature readings, and see a 30-day temperature history from our mobile app.

Looking for a turnkey solution?

• The CoolBot Walk-in Cooler harnesses the power of The CoolBot and can be assembled in as little as two hours

• Includes professional quality walk-in cooler enclosure, CoolBot and window air conditioner

• Save $1,000s of dollars compared to conventional solutions