Is CoolBot Right For You?

CoolBot Pro

We have sold over 125,000 CoolBots since our founding in 2006. Universities around the country and world encourage its use. Our satisfied customers have offered tons of positive testimonials about how the CoolBot has saved them money and protected their products.

However, the CoolBot is not the right solution for all cooling needs. Is the CoolBot right for you?

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Important Considerations

What Our Customers Say

Our HVAC guy wanted to charge us $8,000 for a wine cellar cooling system. With your help, we purchased a ductless mini split and installed the Coolbot. We have a fabulous 1500 sqft wine cellar for less than half the price of traditional wine cellar cooling systems.”


The CoolBot system let us make a cooler out of an odd shaped unused shed on our packing house for about $2,000 including some structural work on the building… It’s really raised our productivity and produce quality. Instructions were great as well as the advice on how to build/insulate the cooler.”


Cooler Construction

In order for a CoolBot to successfully cool your cooler, we have to make sure we are working with the right size A/C unit and the cooler is well insulated. Follow our Cooler Construction Guide and Our AC Sizing Guide to make sure we’re setting you up for success. Questions about a really big room or special cooler situation? Just give us a call – 888-871-5723 or email and we’ll brainstorm if the CoolBot is right for you.