Who Should Not Buy a CoolBot

CoolBot Temperature Controller

Who Should Not Buy a CoolBot

We have sold over 50,000 CoolBots since our founding in 2006. Universities around the country and world encourage its use. Our satisfied customers have offered tons of positive testimonials about how the CoolBot has saved them money and protected their products.

However, the CoolBot is not the right solution for all cooling needs. Is the CoolBot right for you?

CoolBot Systems Take Longer to Lower the Temperature in the Cooler

The CoolBot can get most empty walk-in coolers down from ambient temperature to 45°F (7°C) in about 20 minutes. However, it can take longer (about another 30 minutes) to hit 40°F (4.4°C) and will take increasingly longer the farther you go down in temperature. To most of our customers, that extra time doesn’t matter (you can always pre-cool your cooler before putting product in); however, if cooling speed is crucial to your operation, please evaluate your system requirements carefully to determine if a CoolBot is right for you.

CoolBot Systems Are Not As Effective if the Door is Opened More than 6 Times per Hour

CoolBot systems perform best when walk-in coolers are opened less than six times per hour. If you open your cooler more frequently than that, the CoolBot can have a tough time maintaining the target temperature. Accordingly, we are a great solution for smaller restaurants, caterers, and operations that can keep door openings to less than six times per hour. Customers who want to open their cooler door more than six times per hour always oversize their A/Cs beyond our general A/C sizing guidelines and have extremely well insulated coolers. For larger restaurants and operations needing more frequent cooler access, a CoolBot driven system can be used for a great secondary cooler or as a backup to your primary refrigeration system in case of technical issues.

CoolBot Systems Are Not As Efficient Below 36°F (2.2°C)

As mentioned above, the further below 40°F (4.4°C) you need your cooler, the harder the A/C has to work. Luckily, the CoolBot is pretty tough and can get most of our customers to 36°F (2.2°C) without an issue as long as their A/C is properly sized and the room properly insulated. Below 36°F, you need to be sure that (A) your cooler is very well insulated and built , (B) your A/C is oversized vs. our A/C selection guidelines, (C) you minimize door openings, and/or (D) you are okay with it taking longer to longer to hit your target temperature.

CoolBot Systems Don't Freeze

The CoolBot and the air conditioners it works with are not designed to freeze. If you need to freeze, you’ll have to buy a freezer – no way around it!

Winter Operations and A/C Selection

If you plan to use your walk-in cooler through harsh winters, we have a great guide (Winter Setup Guide) to set up your cooler for winter use. LG, Haier and Danby are all great A/C units for winter operations. Reach out to us at support@storeitcold.com to discuss any questions you may have related to using your CoolBot system in the winter. 

Cooler Construction

In order for a CoolBot to successfully cool your cooler, we have to make sure we are working with the right size A/C unit and the cooler is well insulated. Follow our Cooler Construction Guide and our A/C Sizing Guide to make sure we’re setting you up for success. Questions about a really big room or special cooler situation? Just give us a call – 888-871-5723 or email support@storeitcold.com and we’ll brainstorm if the CoolBot is right for you.