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Build a walk-in cooler for your bar with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner.

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Walk-In Cooler for Bars

You can build an affordable walk-in cooler for bars powered by a CoolBot and a standard air conditioning unit. Use a CoolBot to build a keg room, draught system or backroom storage space. Our customers use CoolBots in bars, breweries and tap houses across the country. When compared to conventional refrigeration systems, CoolBot users save on upfront costs, monthly operating expenses and expensive technician visits.

Cooler Construction Tips

In addition to our Construction Guide and A/C Selection Guide, here are a few tips for setting up a walk-in cooler for your bar:

Running Taps: The CoolBot is great at keeping your tap room at the right temperature – cold and refreshing, but not too frothy. Be sure to insulate around the tap lines, either using spray foam or foam pipe insulation.

Flooring: If you are wheeling kegs in your cooler, a concrete floor or plywood coating over insulated foam will be good to spread the weight load. Be careful if you are using any keg racks with pointed ends – you will want to put extra plywood or metal underneath to spread the weight.


Looking for a mobile cooler to serve on the go? Check out our Mobile Unit Construction Guide and see how our customers have built mobile trailers to serve cold beers at festivals and outdoor events.

What Customers Say

Just installed my second unit. First one for a walk in. This time it’s in a beer cooler I made. It was installed in ten minutes and cold in less than that. Thanks again.”


I certainly do not write many reviews but I simply must with this experience. The compressor died on our WIC with a whole lot of beer within. I had been thinking of a CoolBot and when I called, Katie answered and worked out a solution with me. She was awesome. It was late on a Friday and I received the unit on the Tuesday afternoon on a LONG weekend in Canada. The unit was in service in no time and appears to be working fabulously. Thanks Katie, you and your CoolBot rock!”


Houston… We have lift off. Down to 35 and dropping. Thank you for your amazing customer service. I’ll spread the word. Thanks again.


CoolBot In Action

CoolBot In Action

Looking for a turnkey solution?

• The CoolBot Walk-in Cooler harnesses the power of The CoolBot and can be assembled in two hours
• Includes professional quality walk-in cooler enclosure, CoolBot and window air conditioner
• Save $1,000s of dollars compared to conventional solutions

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