Reduce Postharvest Loss While Saving Up to $2,232

Build a walk-in cooler for your farm with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner

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Saves Farmers Money on Storing Produce

You can build an affordable walk-in cooler powered by a CoolBot and a standard air conditioning unit. Building a CoolBot-driven cooler will save you money in upfront costs, monthly electricity bills, and expensive technician visits compared to conventional systems. From apples to zucchinis, farmers around the world have trusted the CoolBot with their walk-in cooling needs. A CoolBot-driven system can be used to store inventory at refrigerated temperatures in any climate. Whether it’s a short time in the cooler from harvest to a CSA pickup, or a longer storage time to find the best markets for your high value crops, adding a walk-in cooler to your farm keeps your produce fresh and your business strong.


Temperature Range

When storing inventory, specific crops have ideal temperature ranges. For farmers growing multiple crop varieties, we generally recommend keeping your cooler 38°F – 40℉ (3.3°C – 4.4℃). Using this temperature range ensures that produce as diverse as cold-loving lettuce and warmer squash can be stored effectively.


Get CoolBot Pro Temperature Alerts via WiFi

With emergency temperature alerts, you can rest assured that a surprise power outage or heat wave won’t wipe out the contents of your cooler. You can also change temperature levels when you’re away from your cooler, view real time temperature readings, and see a 30-day temperature history from our free mobile app.


Post Harvest Care Tips

What you do with your vegetables and fruit after harvest is critical to ensuring the quality of your final product. From the moment you pick your produce from the field, the clock starts ticking. Our founder Ron Khosla authored a great article on Post Harvest Vegetable Care that summarizes our recommended practices. Check it out, and hopefully some of our tips can help on your farm.

For Urban Farmers: You’ll want to ensure that your walk-in cooler is properly outfitted to store fruits and vegetables. Use wire rack shelving and food-safe 5 gallon buckets to organize your goods after you weigh them.


Mobile Coolers

Looking for a way to keep your produce cool on the go? Our customers use CoolBot-driven mobile coolers for pre-cooling (cooling immediately in the field, as soon as the produce is harvested), taking produce to market, or any other mobile cooling application. Check out our Mobile Unit Construction Guide to learn how to build your mobile cooler.

What Customers Say

“Coolbot is truly a fantastic product! We are an organic berry farm from Canada and have chilled product right out of the field into the 6×8 cooler @ 34* F thanks to your engineering. Thanks for the quick shipping and detailed set up instructions!”

Kenny, Canada

“My CoolBot walk in fridge has been running for about a month now and it is awesome! The room is a little under 4′ by 12′. I bought a 10k BTU GE air conditioner that brings the temp down to 37 degrees with no problem. As someone who likes to do things myself, I appreciate innovations that allow me to accomplish a project and produce a quality result.”

Bill, Oregon

I got my CoolBot this past week, I read the instructions and said to myself it can’t be this simple to install, well to my surprise it was. I have a 6X6 cooler box with 10000 btu window unit and 2 hours later it was at 38° with the r30 ridge foam insulation all the way around. Let run all night long and next morning all is still well. Glad I was able to find out about this product, I have pears and apples in it now all looks great.”

– Alan, South Carolina

CoolBot In Action

CoolBot In Action

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Looking for a turnkey solution?

• The CoolBot Walk-in Cooler harnesses the power of The CoolBot and can be assembled in two hours
• Includes professional quality walk-in cooler enclosure, CoolBot and window air conditioner
• Save $1,000s of dollars compared to conventional solutions

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