Wyoming Hunter, Nick Duncombe, Upgrades to CoolBot Pro

Hunting season is here and Nick Duncombe is ready.  Two years ago, he built a CoolBot powered game cooler which he calls “a complete game changer.”  He’s happy he’s saving money, his wife is happy that the game meat tastes better, it’s a win-win! Now with the release of the CoolBot Pro he’s even happier!  … Continued

Hogtied With Michael Crain

Michael Crain was inspired during his time spent working in the meat department of his local grocery store in Doniphan, Missouri. He loved his work and dreamed of having his own personal meat shop where he would raise the animals himself, controlling precisely what they ate and ensuring no antibiotics contaminated his product, generating healthier … Continued

10 Things to Look for When Selecting a Meat Processor

Do you have a game meat processing horror story? We’ve heard our fair share, like this one from Nick Duncombe, aka Wyoming Hunter. And a quick Google search reveals that it can get much worse — the forums are full of tales about meat full of metal shards, ridiculously low yields, and deer left out … Continued