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Energy Efficient

When comparing a CoolBot system to a conventional refrigeration system for a simulated cooler, CoolBot uses up to 42% less energy. Not only does this save you money, but it is also better for the environment.


Powered by the CoolBot Pro

With our patented technology, your new cooler will have WiFi connectivity.

 That means you'll get remote temperature reading and adjustments, receive critical alerts, and see temperature history in our mobile app.

Easy to Install

The CoolBot comes with easy to understand instructions, and putting together a walk-in is a lot easier than you might think! Our support center offers all the resources you need, and several of our customers have put together helpful videos on their cooler builds as well.


"I evaluated several other options and found that the CoolBot Walk-in Cooler was the perfect solution for my small brewery business - it's affordable, easy to assemble, and easy to use. Best of all, it works perfectly!"
Martin Prebula
Owner, Saints Row Brewing
"It’s a fantastic marriage between ISUN and Store It Cold. Being able to ensure that we’re not using as much electricity as most units — by a lot! — is really helping us to continue to grow our business in different ways."
Damian Salstrand
Owner, ISUN Visions
“We love it, we’re telling all our friends in the industry and our suppliers. Everyone’s curious and interested and we’re really excited about it. We feel like proud new parents of our cooler.”
Keely Sindler
Owner, Mayfield Flowers

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  5. CoolBot Pro must be connect to WiFi for features to work