2G CoolBot $150 Rebate Ends 12/31/17

Do you own an old-style 2G CoolBot (purchased 2007-2011)? If so, the rebate program allows you to receive a $150 USD rebate for sending back your old-style 2G CoolBot after purchasing the next-generation CoolBot.

The current generation CoolBot has the same amazing capabilities plus an updated user interface and the benefits of hassle-free sensor connections. Of course, if you decide to stay with your good ol’ faithful 2G CoolBot, we are still just a phone call or email away to provide you with excellent customer support.

While it’s not mandatory to exchange your Generation 2 CoolBot, this program will only be effective until December 31, 2017.  Time is running out to take advantage of this program and receive the current generation CoolBot and a $150 rebate!

How do you know if you have a 2G CoolBot?

If your CoolBot has two wires coming out of the top, two wires coming out of the right side, and buttons labeled “Room,” “Frost,” and “Delay,” you have a 2G CoolBot.

2G CoolBot

Next-Generation CoolBot

To apply for the rebate:

  1. Purchase your new CoolBot.
  2. When your new CoolBot arrives, use the box it came in to package your old 2G CoolBot. Include a note inside with your full name and the order number from your new CoolBot purchase.
  3. Ship your old 2G CoolBot to:Store It Cold, LLC
    3879 Tennyson St
    Denver, CO, 80212
  4. When we receive your old CoolBot, we will refund your credit card $150 within 2 business days.

Questions? Give us a call at 888-871-5723 or email us at support@storeitcold.com.

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    1. Hello Wesley,
      Thank you for your inquiry, the Gen 6 CoolBot retails at $329 (Free Shipping) minus the $150 rebate credit. The rebate credit is applied within 2 days of receiving your old unit. We hope to be of service and you may reach us at 888-871-5723 or info@storeitcold.com Thank you Wesley

      1. Post
    1. Hello Dale and thank you for your submission.
      The next generation CoolBot has an updated user interface and the new style connections for the wires / sensors. A bit more convenient from a sizing perspective and of course, also comes with the CoolBot warranty. We will continue to support the Gen 2 from a tech perspective, only the exchange program is ending at the end of the year. The rebate of $150 is being offered as a benefit to our longtime clientele. Upgrade or not, our entire team stands ready to serve you for many years to come.
      I will also reach out directly to be a personal resource for you on any needs and thank you Dale.

  1. I purchased a new coolbot thru amazon at the end of July 2017 to replace my 2g. Can I get a rebate if I send the 2g to you.

    1. Hello Barbara,
      Yes, we’ll honor your upgrade rebate. Sending you an email directly and happy to be of service.
      Best regards,
      Team CoolBot

    1. The next generation CoolBot will remain compatible with your LG AC. Please call us at 888-871-5723 with any questions and we look forward to being of service.
      Thank you,
      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing
      Store it Cold, LLC.

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