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"Well it took a while to get it all done, but my walk in is up and running for a few months now and it’s just great. I can get it down to 32F if I want with no problems at all. However I keep it at about 35 to 38. We are a small homestead and try to produce as much of our food as possible and also will be using the walk-in to hang our meat when we slaughter it. We tried for a few years to get away with just a cool room but we ended up throwing away a lot of our fruit and vegetables because we just couldn’t get it cold enough early in the fall and then it would often freeze up in the winter. So far we’ve been really pleased and are already planning next year’s crop knowing that we can now store it without fear of losing it because it just can’t cool enough or cools too much. Oh and it’s a great place to keep my homemade beer in as well.

Thanks for this great product. I have some hunter friends who are eyeing the fridge with a keen eye, so I’ll be sending them your way."

Bill, Farmer in Oregon

It gets hot here, today we expect temps to 100 degrees and our apricots are dropping like flies. The Coolbot walk-in, just completed this week, has saved our apricot crop. The coolbot is also a life saver in both time and angst about harvesting times. Now we can harvest more often and store easily and safely. And deliveries can be better coordinated and efficient In the past we depended on 3 old refrigerators – yikes.

We used a tuff shed 8X12 with Polystrene foam board and spray foam in all cracks, for all walls and roof. After all insulation boards were hung on the walls, ceiling and floor, they were covered with plastic poly before installing FRP and insulated foil foam board. The ceiling has an extra inch of insulated foil foam board as ceiling cover and FRP on all walls. The floor was covered with insulated foil foam boards and covered with OSB and stick on tile. We purchased a GE AC 14000 AEL14AQ. next step is weather stripping around door, and it will even work better.

Brilliant invention! Thank YOU!


"I ended up installing an LG A/C with my CoolBot. Works great. I cut out the front grill and have it run on energy savings setting. No problems at all. The energy savings setting works great with proper insulation. I increased to an R40 value and the cost to run this set up is very minimal. I love the CoolBot!"

Karsten. California

"My CoolBot walk in fridge has been running for about a month now and it is awesome! The room is a little under 4′ by 12′. I bought a 10k BTU GE air conditioner that brings the temp down to 37 degrees with no problem. As someone who likes to do things myself, I appreciate innovations that allow me to accomplish a project and produce a quality result."

Mitch C, Canada

"Love. The cooler is working excellently…"

Alan, South Carolina

“Coolbot is truly a fantastic product! We are an organic berry farm from Canada and have chilled product right out of the field into the 6×8 cooler @ 34* F thanks to your engineering. Thanks for the quick shipping and detailed set up instructions!”

Kenny, Canada

"We just completed converting a 40′ container into a cold storage unit next door to our fire station. It is a community garden that sells organic produce to the community. I came across the CoolBot after research on the internet. We split the container with 20′ of cold storage and 20′ of tool storage.

The CoolBot is is cold! Thanks for all the help!"

Aaron and Kara

"My parents and I recently ordered a CoolBot to create a walk-in cooler in our barn. We own a produce stand, so we use the cooler to store all of our extra produce. So far the CoolBot has been working wonderfully! We are able to get the temperature down to 41/42 degrees easily! Works better than we could have ever imagined!"

Robert, Karen and Colleen, Minnesota

"I found a great deal on this 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 7 cooler. I put a GE 12000 BTU cooler in it and watched the temp fall to about 37 deg. I love it.

Thanks for a great product, and the great user friendly directions. Thanks again and happy 4th of July to y’all."

Joel H, Texas

"Our walk-in refrigerator has inner dimensions of 5′ wide x 5.5′ deep x 6.5″ high and it keeps a constant 36F±1F. The walls are 2″x4″ construction with R-19 insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling. I used a “Kill-A-Watt” meter and monitored it for 318 hours. This cold room uses 1857 KWH/year which is very reasonable in cost. Even with the very high electrical costs in Connecticut ($0.22/KWH), it cost us just $34/month for electricity for this cold room. Attached are photos.

We use it to store our garden produce and kitchen refrigerator overflow. Thanks so much for making the CoolBot, this cold room is wonderfully useful to us."

Steve, Connecticut

"We bought the Coolbot on May 30,2015 and purchased the air conditioner on June 18, 2015. Installed it on June 19, 2015… We set all the perimeters and turned it on, it was 72 deg. when started with set point at 40 deg. and in 1 1/2 hours, it was down to 40 deg.

This Coolbot has performed far beyond my expectations and has continued to work great. I would recommend this product to anyone for its ability to do what it claims and its easy setup.

Thanks again for a great product."

Jim B. Pennsylvania

I got my CoolBot this past week, I read the instructions and said to myself it can’t be this simple to install, well to my surprise it was. I have a 6X6 cooler box with 10000 btu window unit and 2 hours later it was at 38° with the r30 ridge foam insulation all the way around. Let run all night long and next morning all is still well. Glad I was able to find out about this product, I have pears and apples in it now all looks great.”


"I have a small apple orchard in Ontario and need cold storage for the apples from the time they are picked until they are sold, approximately 4 to 6 weeks each autumn. I have an insulated area that I usually use as a garage for my pick up truck. It is approximately 12 ‘ wide by 24’ long by 10’ high.

After getting a quote of $6,500 to supply and install a conventional refrigeration system, I decided to continue looking and found your ad on the Internet. I checked out your site, including recommendations, how to install, and testimonials. I decided to give CoolBot a try.

I purchased a 24,000 BTU Haier AC unit from the supplier you suggested in Canada, and a CoolBot unit. After completing the required electrical, I installed the AC unit and the CoolBot unit and turned them on.

I am very satisfied with the CoolBot and what it has done for our apple storage needs. Thank you for developing such an amazing product."

Paul. Apple Orchard in Ontario, Canada

"I’m “tickled pink”! 🙂

My total cost was about $900 and a lot of work for wiring and installing the A/C. The CoolBot solved a problem that I had been pondering for several years. Last year I called a refrigeration contractor but he never even bothered to return my calls – maybe he considered this job too small? I had seen my neighbor’s commercial refrigeration units and cold storage rooms and was envious but I could not afford to spend thousands of dollars just for our home-grown, and home-use vegetables. I found CoolBot using the internet search feature. Now we have a LARGE, walk-in refrigerator and can store foods from our garden and greenhouse – as well as other items that like to be refrigerated, like beer and cider! And, lucky for us, it’s downstairs in the basement so access during the winter will not require going outside."

Dick D

"Thank you so much for designing the CoolBots! We purchased 3 last year for our CSA vegetable farm. We were able to build three 10 X 12 foot coolers for less than the cost of one commercial 10 X 10. They ran all summer and winter without a hitch. Our electric bill was also very reasonable. We had a rather hot summer here in Pennsylvania and they were able to keep our coolers down to 33 even when the temps were in the 90s. We used LG 24,000BTU units which held up well once we got a few kinks worked out. I just purchased another one since we decided to build a fourth cooler. It has been great to have enough cooler space to segregate our vegetables into ideal storage temperatures and humidity. We could never have afforded this much storage space with the price of other coolers. I tell everyone who will listen how great your design is!"

Sara. Pennsylvania Farm

"We got our cooler up and going last night! We have a 24,000 Btu LG air conditioner in our 10×12 room, it went from 76 to 45 incredibly fast! This morning the produce was at 37!

We built the ceiling & walls of 2x4s with 3-1/2 Styrofoam in the cavities. We sprayfoamed every gap we could get the nozzle into and then caulked every joint on both sides. Then we sheathed it with 2″ of poly-iso insulation on both sides of the walls and again spray foamed every gap and caulked all the seams. For the floor we laid 2″ of poly-iso down inside a 2×6 frame and then used joist hangers for 2x4s. We filled the cavities with 3-1/2″ styrofoam Again we caulked every seam and sprayfoamed every gap on each layer before we sheathed the floor. If you can build a tighter box I don’t know how. Our room used almost 4 cases of caulk and a dozen cans of sprayfoam. We were worried the air conditioner would run non-stop, but this morning we timed it! It seems to be running less then 3 minutes about three times an hour, and that is with us peeking in all the time to check the temps!

The quote we got for a cooler this size with used wall panels and a new compressor was $12,000 not including delivery or installation. This unit cost us under $3,000 including the air conditioner ($600) and Cool bot. We did get a deal on recycled foam off craigs list which saved us some money.

We are very happy with our cooler! We are sure it will improve the quality of produce our 100 member CSA receives and help us expand next year!"

Nathan G, Charlotte, Vermont

"Just wanted to let you know of our success with your CoolBot. We purchased the CoolBot from you in May of 09 and I built an 8X12 walk-in cooler to store all of our produce. I got the 12,000 btu LG air conditioner. We had a great first month, and then I called you with problems with the cool bot sensor. You replaced that and we had no problems. The first LG A/C was bad because the LED got wet and you said to replace the unit. I returned it in June and got new unit that preformed well all summer and fall. We currently are using the cooler to keep apples and eggs in it.

It has been -10 to -15 here, I have shut the ac unit off and am keeping the cooler at 37-40 degrees with a small heater. I figure that we saved ~18-20 kilowatts per day this summer with the cool bot and ac unit. Great savings over the small floral cooler that we had in the past.

We have pictures of our installation on our blog spot that shows the cooler and ac/cool bot. That you can look at and use if you want.

Thanks for the great product."

Doug, Rolling Prairie Acres

"A few weeks ago, an energy auditor from the Bonneville Power Administration visited our Co-op. He was seriously excited to find we had a Klimaire with a Coolbot for our walk-in. Apparently he had heard of Coolbot, but had been skeptical. Our “never above minimum rate” power bills on that meter impressed the —- out of him!

If we had room, we could probably add another cooler to that meter, and still not increase our electric costs! Thought you’d enjoy hearing this. Our last challenge with the cooler was apparently due to old batteries in the Klimaire’s remote control.

I hope you sell a million CoolBots. You’ve really done somethin’!"

Al, Washington

"We installed the Cool Bot and a LG 24,000 BTU A/C we got from Home Depot into our walk-in. It took less than and hour to drop the temp to 38 degrees. We did this in lieu of replacing our walk-in compressor. The fix was about 1/3 the cost and it seems to work fine."

Patrick M, Houston, Texas

"It was very easy to set up and works great, a really innovative idea! I am a contractor who set it up for a client."

Marc-Antoine, L’Héritage de MAÉLI, Quebec

"We found an old cooler box, foamed the cracks, and put it under a Carolina Carport. The CoolBot works great with our LG AC. Thanks for your unstinting help with my questions.

Great service! You guys are the best."

David K

"…we’re running the cool bot and an LG 11,500 btu unit on 100% solar power and it works great. We maintain the walk-in at about 44 F. I’m not sure if there are other folks using alternative energy sources to operate a walk-in cooler? Our farm is off-grid and this was a great option for us as our below grade stone root cellar warms to around 58° at this time of year."

Steven S, Hermit Creek Farm, High Bridge, Wisconsin

"We have the coolbot up and running. I hate to sound melodramatic, but it is life changing! No more juggling space in the refrigerators, combining this and that. We have the temperature set for 42F (mostly squash and beans) and it has maintained a very constant 42-44 for four days. We inadvertently turned off the power for 7 hours. The temperature went up to 68 before we discovered it. It was back to 43 in 30 minutes!! That really surprised me- thought it would take hours. We are thoroughly enjoying our new cool room (especially on 96 degree days!)."


"I just wanted to let you guys know we installed a CoolBot system at the Northern Neck Food Bank in White Stone, VA. The food bank serves about 4000 people a month and one of our most important goals is to raise the nutritional level of the food we distribute. Before we installed the CoolBot we stored all of our fresh produce in the warehouse. Unfortunately that means it lasted 24 hours at best, and we were throwing away hundreds of pounds of the most nutritious food available to us. Now we can safely store our produce long enough to meet the weekly distributions of our 24 pantries.

Thank you, your device has made a huge impact on the needy families in our community."

Director, Food Bank

"The CoolBot system let us make a cooler out of an odd shaped unused shed on our packing house for about $2000 including some structural work on the building. It also let us keep the sight line the same on a property that’s already crowded. It’s about 6*8*6 interior dimensions and cools great with a 15000 BTU unit. It’s really raised our productivity and produce quality. Instructions were great as well as the advice on how to build/insulate the cooler."

Kevin W

“We are now chilling just-harvested vegetables to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, where they are happier then they have ever been. We also dawdled around in the cooler for about 10 minutes after harvesting, we were so hot ourselves.


"I’ve had the CoolBot about 2 months now and wanted to get back to you with a report… I have found it to work exactly as you claim. I can easily achieve 32 degrees in the cooler when the outside temps are 95+ degrees. And I love being able to set whatever temperature I want just by pushing a button, and knowing the cooler temp will stay right there. The CoolBot has made my “cool room” into an honest to goodness walk-in produce cooler."

Bill, Sunny Slope Orchard, Vacaville, California

"I want to thank you, my CoolBot does what I needed it to do. I have a small produce shack that I sell goods out of to help with our SS retirement. I have built this stand and have had to buy ice to keep things cool. Now I can save $55.00 a week with your CoolBot."

Jim, Rocky Glade Farm

"This thing is AMAZING! I’m just using an 8000 btu Samsung a/c I got for $200 from Lowe’s and my room is staying steady at 42 degrees!"

Tim, Farmer in North Carolina

"We just installed the CoolBot in our newly built walk-in cooler. We are a mushroom farm that specializes in gourmet and wild mushrooms and we love the CoolBot! It saved us a lot of money compared to installing a drop-in refrigeration unit and it is simple to use. It works great, highly recommended."

Jennifer O, Lebanon, Oregon

"The CoolBot and the LG 24,000 btu air conditioner are working like a champ!! We are keeping our 9 x 11 root cooler in our basement at 34 degrees!! That gives us 6 pallets of roots that we are distributing to our 80 member winter CSA. The cooling system has already paid for itself at this point. We are also benefiting from the exhaust heat from the air conditioner into the other side of our basement below our kitchen. Rarely do you get double duty out of a heating and cooling system like that. This system is great for our application. Thanks!!"

Paul, Sweet Land Farm

"I built a 8×8 cooler, installed your extraordinary CoolBot with an A/C and boom! I got a real efficient cooler. Amazing! For a month and a half, 24/24, I kept the room around 37° easily and at the warmer period of the year. That was great. And I’d like to thank you for your help. Your article is very interesting, lots of information. Thank you again.

PS: I talked about the CoolBot to a couple other small farm owners and they ordered one! :-)"

Eric & Heather W


Here is another awesome video testimonial from The Rhinehouse bar in Ithaca, New, York. Built with used cooler panels from a grocery store, this 18 foot long keg cooler cost only $2,000 total. This short 2 minute interview touches on the low cost build and the ease of maintenance.

"We are a Liquor, Beer, & Wine retail store in Blackwell, TX. CoolBot has been running for over seven months, and we are loving it. Our walk-in cooler is located in the inside of our store.

After comparing prices of manufactured walk-in cooler online, I decided to google homemade walk-in cooler. I came upon your site – TADA! All we had to do is build our own cooler, buy an AC Unit, and CoolBot. We read through your all of your notes and article links."

Lynn, Liquor Store, TX

Houston… We have lift off. Down to 35 and dropping. Thank you for your amazing customer service. I’ll spread the word. Thanks again.


"The Coolbot is happy and I am looking forward to serving cold beer!"

Lance. Bar and Brewery in St. Francis, South Africa



"Here are a few photos of my cooler. It is a pantry next to my kitchen (4.5′ x 5.5′). The air conditioner exits into my garage. With a little work and the CoolBot, I have what I believe is the perfect setup to fermenting my beer.

Cheers to all the fine people at Store It Cold."

Jim S, Home Brewer in Oklahoma

"Thank you so much Katie. I have attached pictures of our 12x20x8′ walk-in cold storage facility for our brewery."

Malee | Brewery in North Carolina

"When fermenting ales, I just unplug the CoolBot and move the bundled sensors back up against the fins and hold my 72 degree temp just fine on the AC thermostat.

When crash chilling after fermentation, for brewing Lagers and for carbonating the finished kegs I just drop the sensors back down and plug the BOT back in. I am able to hold 35-40 degrees easily while running in econo mode. Unit cycles on for about 5 minutes every 30-45 minutes depending on how often I open the door.

I can’t say enough about what a jewel this product is! With the emerging Nano-Micro brewing revolution under way here in Mexico, I would think you have a heck of a potential market here! Thanks again for a great product!"

Cliff P, Brewing company, Nayarit, Mexico

"I own a small hard cider company in Madison WI and your product has worked incredibly well! We have a 500 gallon tank to store finished product, so it was essential to design our own walk in cooler because most coolers can’t fit a tank that big through the doors and we have to take it out monthly for cleaning. The energy savings and efficiency of coolbot is unparalleled. Thank you so much!"

Joseph, Cidery Owner in Wisconsin

"We’ve been open and doing extremely good business since. Thought I’d attach some pictures and just update you on the story. Thanks again for all your help. My only regret is that I didn’t make it bigger."

Nat, Brewery and Bar in Wisconsin

"I purchased a CoolBot from you about 6 mos ago. Our cooler is approximately 10 x 10 and built similar to what you proposed. I calculated a R factor well over 20. We use a 12,000 BTU unit from Home Depot and it works like a charm with the CoolBot. We store our large sizes of beer and all of our backstock in it."

Robert W

Keeping the new 6×14 room at 38. Only took 40 minutes to drop it from 70 to 38!“


Just wanted to say thanks for the help on this. We got our CoolBot and AC up and running very quickly and it’s been keeping temps around 38 degrees for a week or so. Thanks!



There is a great write up on cheese making from Jennifer Betancourt, head cheese maker at Silvery Moon Creamery. To read more about cheese production and the rooms where it takes place, check out her essay at Silvery Moon Cheese. We’re proud to be mentioned in the report: “CoolBot with Conventional Air Conditioning – This is the rising star of this list of temperature control options! It is a relatively new device that several cheesemakers are utilizing with success."


Stonewall Farm in NH has a great walk-in cooler, which is primarily hold milk from their Holstein’s. Check out their blog for more about their experience with the CoolBot: Stonewall Farm

"I am really happy to thank you once again about the CoolBot, really a great device! To build and insulate the cold room was not an easy task… nothing is easy in Nepal! The work it was completed about 40 days ago… a really long wait!

Anyway, the best part is that, it works simply perfect, definitely over my expectation. I hope to buy two more CoolBot as soon as possible (as soon as I’ll get more space!)."

Sandro, Nepal


Here’s a great video showing a CoolBot being used in a cooler for flowers:

"This is my second coolbot first cooler I built, a few years ago, using the examples on your website. It has been running great ever since. I had a cooler that the compressor went out on and was told $1000 to fix it, I simply cut a hole in one of the panel and install an air conditioner that I got used air conditioner for $80 and bought a second coolbot and stay well under a $1000. Works great but I knew it would since the first one works great."


I used my coolbot for the first time during a weekend where I had TWO weddings!! I will be honest I was worried that I would have a huge cooler failure. However, my coolbot was flawless!! It took it down to 39 degrees in no time and kept it there even when I was opening the door all the time. My cooler is homemade and roughly 6×8 insulated with R-19 fiberglass insulation and with R-10 rigid foam. I use a 12,000btu GE air conditioner and we water sealed the whole inside. I could not be happier!!! Thanks for an awesome product that is PERFECT for a florist!"


"We purchased a CoolBot in June of 2009. We raise vegetables and cut flowers. Previously, we had had a compressor unit to cool our walk-in cooler. The CoolBot works extremely well and efficiently. It cools down much quicker than our compressor unit did. It uses much less electricity then our compressor unit used.

We are extremely pleased with the unit. It was economical and easy to install. Thank you."

Dianne S, Coopersville, Michigan

"I built this walk-in cooler in my wife’s flower shop. It’s been in service for about a month. Running flawlessly.

Cooler is approximately 7’X9′. LG 12,500 BTU AC. Everything hooked up easily. Works fantastic. Thanks for a great product. The flowers are doing really well."

Al | Flower shop in Canada

"You guys rock! I received new sensor on Monday back I business yesterday just in time for wedding flowers. I turned my tiny pump house into a cooler until I can afford a proper space.

Your customer service is awesome! Thank you very much"


Hunting and Meat


"I just received my CoolBot last week and finished bringing power to the walk-in cooler. I always wanted to have my own room to butcher my deer and pigs and now I finally do, thanks to your company. The product worked just as I had read and maintained the room at 38 degrees when it was 95 degrees outside. Looking forward to years of processing my own animals. Thanks again!!"


"I built my cool room and installed your CoolBot with the air conditioner you recommended. Within 1 hour my room was down to 40 degrees… and is staying there no matter what the temperature is outside. I am so impressed and so excited that I finally got my cool room. All my friends are so jealous that I have a cool room. This cool room computer is so great and so easy to install. My room is 6 ft wide by 10 ft long and 8 ft high; the air conditioner is an LG 15,000 BTU and will cool the room down to 38 degrees in no time. It works fantastic. Now my friends want to hang there their in it also; of course for a small fee. I just want to thank you for such a great product."

Gary G, Idaho

"It has been several months since I purchased the Coolbot and I am very happy with the performance of it. My dad constructed a 5 X 10 cooler inside his garage for our butchering. …we insulated very well, it performs perfectly. We set the temperature to 36 and the Coolbot maintains that very well except when we are in and out of the cooler many times. I knew this would happen because of the upfront information you provide on your site. At those times the temperature only rises to 40 degrees and that is very much acceptable. The Coolbot has made it possible for us to do what we love for a fraction of the cost. Much thanks."

JD, Butcher

"I have put in approximately 15 hours in design and installation. The total price was under $1,400 which is a huge difference from $5k I was quoted for the same size cooler. It has worked flawlessly since the time I turned it on. If you ever have anyone skeptical of your product, feel free to forward this email to them. It only took minutes to install and I’m 100% satisfied!

Everyone that sees it is highly impressed. My sole purpose is to use the cooler to hang deer in. I’m in charge of a D-map program (the county allows me to harvest as many deer as possible in the month of Sept, deer are destroying local farmers crop). This Sept in Northern VA the weather averaged in the 80 degree range. Without the cooler I was out of luck.

Bow season starts this Saturday and the temp is suppose to be over 80, my family and friends wouldn’t be able to hunt without a place to hang the deer. We are very responsible hunters, we eat deer meat twice a week and give the rest to needy families!

Thanks to the CoolBot, I have no worries! Great Product! Please give my comments to the developer! Awesome!"

Samuel R, Marshall, Vermont

"The Coolbot has worked well on a couple of test runs, can’t wait to get some elk hanging for a good test. Easy install with clear instructions, I’m very impressed and will highly recommend your product to anyone interested."

Phil, Hunter in Washington

"I purchased a CoolBot from you last summer. I built a 4x4x7 cooler to hang deer in during the hunting season. This unit is the easiest to install and works beautifully.

I am a licensed refrigeration technician and I couldn’t have built this any cheaper or easier if I tried. It worked flawlessly last deer season and I couldn’t be happier with your product."

Lee M

"I put your unit on a 12000 btu Lg. unit and it worked absolutely perfectly. This was one of the most enjoyable deer seasons I have had in seven years of processing due to your unit taking the early season pressure of warm weather off me. I had absolutely no problems at all and showed the CoolBot to many of my hunters. Many of them are now considering building their own coolers thanks to the CoolBot. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and for coming up with a outstanding product. I really appreciate it."

Richard Still, Owner Rick’s Deer Processing

"Yesterday with the seals in place I did a 24 hour run with it set at 38 and experienced no problems at all. I opened the door a couple times and it recovered very quickly and had no icing; actually I had no condensation drained from the unit either. There have been a lot of nay sayers since I said I was going to do this, I can’t wait to let them know how nice it is to clean a cool dried out deer and not a warm slimy one. Thanks for a good product that was very easy to install with detailed instructions and all the info posted to build the cooler itself correctly"

Mike, Ohio

"I just want to let you know how happy I am with the CoolBot product. I purchased a coolbot this summer and installed it in late July. First day I ran my system, it was 94 degrees outside. & I got my butcher shop / meat locker down to 50 degrees in less than 4 hours. I’m very happy with my butcher shop/ meat locker and the Coolbot was the icing on the cake. Simple installation and it’s exactly what I needed to complement my Butcher shop/ meat locker. Thank You"

Rani, Minnesota

"I am an engineer and really appreciate the CoolBot’s simple design and operation. Great design, most excellent customer service with all questions answered promptly and most importantly an obstacle removed with the ability to store deer carcasses right at the farm in Kentucky! Thanks again for all your help and guidance with the design!"

Bob, Deer Processor in Georgia

"This will be used to let our deer hang prior to delivery to the butcher. Additionally, with winter seeming to come later and later in the season, this will allow us to hunt in warmer weather without fear of our harvests going to waste. It is a 4x8x8 structure which we’ve placed atop a dual axle trailer to allow for full mobility."

Seth M, New Jersey

"Installed the unit the same week it was delivered.end of July. Killed 3 hogs kept the room and pork at 36 deg. Room size 7 x 16; 9 inches solid blue board walls and ceiling, 24,200 BTU GE air conditioner. Near 45R factor walls . Today 4 more hogs , 37 Deg. no sweat!"

Fred, Pennsylvania

"I have been wanting to put together a small walk-in cooler to hang deer in. After researching I found out about your coolbot. I found a 6’x6′ walkin cooler box. I put the cooler together in my work shop. I installed a G.E. 10,000 btu a/c and your coolbot. This system works fantastic. I set the temp. to 38 degrees and it takes about 35 minutes to reach it. I could not be happier.Thanks for a great product."


"After much reading about the Coolbot I bought one and put in my walk in cooler. Waiting on my first deer kill of the season to put it to use. Had a small problem with the installation but got them on the phone pretty quick and they helped me with the problem. Had very fast shipping very nice people to work with. Would recommend to anyone."

Sam, Mississippi

"I was skeptical but was building a walk in cooler for meat storage and aging and I stumbled across your website while looking for a refrigeration unit. After much debate I purchased a CoolBot versus the cost of a typical walk in refrigeration unit. It does work so I wanted to share my story. Your website contained lots of useful common sense information both the good and the bad and that along with the testimonials is what sold me."

Cliff P, Arizona

"Well it’s time for my yearly update about my cooler. This is the third season with the CoolBot and we are still loving it. We have three deer chilling right now and the cooler is working like a charm. I have every confidence that it will continue to be great for the remainder of the warm hunting season. I listed a few cooler notes and things that I have learned as over the past few seasons. Like CoolBot recommends the most important part of the build is making sure that you really make it as air tight as you can. I have had to go back through and fill areas that I found to be air leaks as it adversely effects the coolers ability to stay cool. If the cooler has a hard time maintaining the temperature you can try lining the floor with foam and putting OSB or some other covering over the top of that to hold the cold air in. The CoolBot is the real deal and has really been a blessing. It has preformed flawlessly now going into it’s 3rd season. Thanks again for making such a great product and i’ll talk to ya next year for what I’m sure will be another happy update."

Cory, Walla Walla, Washington

"Hello just to let you know that the coolbot that I purchased is terrific. I got a bull elk on the 18th of September, so it is still quite warm out. Having built the cooler throughout the summer I finally had a chance to test it out. WOW !!! I hung the quarters in the cooler, and turned the coolbot on with the A/C unit. It took about a half an hour to get to temperature which was 2.5 Degrees Celcius and held there. This was with a (+ or –) of .2 degrees and the humidity was at 82 to 85%. Just perfect for hanging wild meat. The animal was in the cooler for 14 days and turned out perfectly.

The cooler is 12 x 6.5 x 7.5 feet in size and the A/C is a Danby 12,000 BTU. The coolbot was very easy to set up and the instructions made setting the unit a breeze. Every early season hunter should invest in this great little tool."

Tim M, Canada

I am a small deer processor in NJ (150-200 deer a year). I have a 10x10x10 Walkin cooler that I built to hang and age deer in. It has a rolling rail and power winch in side and can accommodate approx. 20 deer at a time. The COOLBOT controls an 11,000 btu A/C unit and holds 34 deg even during the early season when outside temp is 85 deg. It is such an important part of my business. Thank You for your GREAT support.“  


"I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the CoolBot. I think I bought it from you in 2008. I built a cooler that is 7 ft. long by 6 ft high by 4.5 ft wide. Power it with a 8000 btu LG Air Conditioner from Home Depot. I have hung deer, moose and elk in it it the fall and keep cherries cool in the summer.

It works fabulously. I am trying to keep it somewhat of a secret that I have a cooler or during hunting season I know there will be a line-up of trucks in front of my house with deer ready to hang."

Gary T, Kelowna BC, Canada


"We purchased a CoolBot from you last spring. We could not be happier with the results. We took what had been a single car garage with a door on both ends and made our cooler area. We created an 8′ X12′ precooler room for putting ID tags on remains and also to house the AC unit and keep it above freezing in the winter. We are 6500 feet elevation and we get four feet of snow per year so it does get cold in Arizona. The precooler room is insulated nearly as well as the cooler so I don’t think the temp will get below 32 but if it does we will ad an electric heater.

The side walls of the garage were slump block so we erected walls of 2X6 on 24″ centers. Our local Home Depot carries 2″ sheathed styrofoam so we put two layers in the walls and ceiling. We then foams around the edges with aerosol foam. We free floated the floor as you recommended and covered with tongue and groove plywood. We used drywall on the walls and ceiling and put vinyl flooring on the plywood floor. We used a standard 3-0 insulated door from Home Depot and glued 2″ of foam on each side. The finished cooler is 11′ X 14′. A commercial cooler one third that size would have cost more than twice as much as we invested in this project.

We used the largest LG AC unit and it only takes 40 minutes for it to cool from 70 degrees to 38 degrees. We could not be more pleased."

Michael, Mortuary in Arizona

"Our business is growing so much that we needed to have place to store pets until it was time to start the cremation process for them.

Our 6×8.5×6.5 walk in cooler has a LG 15,000Btu unit on it. The CoolBot keeps the room at 38 degrees, and that is with the LG in energy saver mode. The first time we turned it on, it went from 82 degrees to 40 degrees in 15mins. And we were not even finished with the second layer yet. I was impressed….we got it in just in time as the 95 plus temps hit for the next week."

Max V, Pet Crematory in Oregon

"I have been using the CoolBot with a cooler that I built since May or June of this year. The CoolBot and the 12,000 BTU AC have been working great, keeping the cooler at 37 to 38 degrees F."

David, Funeral Home in Texas



"We have installed the CoolBot in our walk in cooler and it is running away fine.

Some time ago, we purchased a walk in cooler only to find out that the refrigeration mechanicals were defunct. We live in northern Maine and – when you ask around for an HVAC service – you get mainly nothing but a blank stare. The closest HVAC service to us is about 70 miles away and needs to charge half of what we paid for the CoolBot just to show up!

It has been a week now and the cooler – no matter the outside temp – has hummed along at a very, very steady 38 degrees. I love your product!"

Todd F, Bakery Owner, Maine

"I wanted to share with you our very successful installation of a walk in cooler for our restaurant. We have a kitchen that has several reach in units for when we are in service, and we store the prepped food in those units. However, we needed a significant amount of additional storage, and built this walk in in our basement. It is accessed about 10-15 times a day by our staff to retrieve items.

We did not skimp on the installation, using 4″ of rigid styrofoam insulation, 4″ of Roxul (check that stuff out, it is wicked cool), with the addition of sheetrock, plywood, a 2×4 frame and FRP to finish the unit.

The materials for the walk in were about $3,000, the AC was $400 and the CoolBot was $299.

If you built it yourself you could save about $2,500 instead of purchasing one of a similar size."

Eric A, Restaurant Owner in Lewiston, Maine

"We even have 2 doors. I did use flaps on both doors, that probably helps. It’s our primary cooler again, and we are in and out a lot. I oversized from your recommendations because of that. I also insulated the floor. Its amazing. The beer distributors are totally impressed. I am always around 33/34. It’s great!"

C, Restaurant Owner, Oregon

"Well I purchased a CoolBot after being frustrated with having to call HVAC guys never getting a hold of them and very expensive for repairs so I’ve got it in my walk in refrigeration box that I use for crab storage and bought a lg 10000 BTU air conditioner and a coolbot from you guys took me a day to set it up and it’s been running great ever since. It couldn’t have been any easier to set up after the AC was installed."


We have been needing a walk-in cooler for our church commercial kitchen for roll-in carts when we do large events. Found the Coolbot in my research and designed a plan…We could not be happier with the whole project and it worked flawlessly for a large wedding last weekend. We built the whole project for under $2,000. Everyone is pretty amazed!”


"The coolbot has done the job well this past year. You were right about the fin sensor. Thanks for the new one. It did the trick and we’ve been humming along with the pickles.

We are taking another space to expand and will be using another Coolbot.

Thanks for the product and the service."

Yi Wah Roberts, Virginia

I have been using your product at my restaurant for a few months now. Fantastic is all I can say about it. Any plans for a unit to make a freezer model? I would buy one.


"The Cool Bot works so well on the deli case, we are working on plans for building a walk in for our restaurant/tap room."

Mike and Kris, Washington

"This is the system I have, it works great! I wouldn’t ever get another compressor system-this one works amazing!"


Wine Cellars


Our HVAC guy wanted to charge us $8,000 for a wine cellar cooling system. With your help, we purchased a ductless mini split and installed the Coolbot. We have a fabulous 1500 sqft wine cellar for less than half the price of traditional wine cellar cooling systems.”


"I tried 2 AC units to get the wine room to 58 degrees but it stayed at 65. I start researching how to trick the thermostat to make the AC run longer that’s when a friend of mine mentioned the Coolbot the very next day I purchased it and installed it is awesome it took about 10minutes to get the temp down where I need I am thankful for the genius that created this I tell everyone about it."

Roger M, California

“Excellent product! I’ve kept my wine cellar at 55 degrees for two years without a hitch…”