CoolBot Pro with WiFi

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  • CoolBot Pro Rebate Program Information
  • Trusted CoolBot technology now with WiFi connectivity and mobile app
  • Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 34F
  • Interactive refrigeration for: Restaurants, Agriculture, Floral, Dairy, Hunting, Brewing & Wine
  • Mobile app: remote temperature reading and adjustments, receive critical alerts, data storage and reporting
  • CoolBot Pro and Jumper WiFi relay module included
  • Guaranteed or your money back – join over 50,000 satisfied customers
  • Free mobile app features require WiFi 
  • Made in the USA and ships free to the USA and Canada
  • We ship globally – International shipping calculated at checkout – Not all features may work outside of the US and Canada
  • Buy two and get $50 off!  Use code pls1pro at checkout (not valid with other offers)
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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

57 responses to “CoolBot Pro with WiFi

  1. Just adjusted my cooler temp while on vacation for my Brewery. CoolBot Pro makes intelligent cold storage easy for the small business owner. Great work team CoolBot

  2. Have microgreens showing up at the store in an hour, just lowered the temp remotely and double checked my fin settings.

    Loved my CoolBot, but the CoolBot Pro is Amazing, Phone App is so intuitive and so affordable.

    1. Hello Cosmus and thank you.

      The CoolBot Pro can be purchased directly on our website and we currently ship to over 70 countries. I have messaged you directly with additional information and ideas on your cold storage needs and look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Connie,

      Thank you for your inquiry and here to help. For a 10 x 10, either an 18K or 24.5 K BTU LG would be our recommendation with indoor / outdoor configuration and desired temp being the variables in the final decision. Will reach out directly and hope to hear from you and be of service.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi I have a 2 door glass freezer that i want to convert to a fridge. the only thing is i would rater not cut a hole for the aircondioner in the unit can you see another way of doing this???

    1. Hello Mike,

      Unfortunately, we do need to make an opening for the AC, but this can be in several locations on the cooler. We can help engineer and support with ideas. Will email you directly with a few questions and let’s see how we can make this happen for you.

      Thank you sincerely Mike,

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  4. Will a motel version ac heat pump 15000 btu unit work for a walk in cooler with a cool bot thermastate applied. Trying to cool about 300sq ft.

  5. Very interested in product. Questions are what size btu air conditioner would I need to cool a small keg box (4x4x5) the box is big enough for three half barrels of beer.

    1. Hello Phil,

      Sending you some information directly, but assuming mid 30s in your cold box and R25 insulation or better; 10K BTU AC would do. Will email an AC compatibility list and (How To) guide as well.

      Thank you for reaching out Phil and Cheers.

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Michael,

      Yes indeed and quite user friendly through the App set up. Our Customer Engineers are also available for support as well. We’ll message you directly with a bit more information and thank you.

      Best regards,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  6. Can the Coolbot pro still be used if wifi is not currently available. Do not have wifi in location but will be available in the location later on.

    1. You bet Mark,

      CoolBot Pro can be used in direct mode until Wi-Fi is available. Great inquiry and thank you for reaching out. At your service anytime and my email is below.

      Thank you,

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  7. Hello, I am thinking about building a walk-in cooler at my florist. The cooler will be on the inside of my building in the work area. Can I use the wall mounted air conditioner with this system and if so what would you recommend. The cooler will be about 10’x12′

    1. Hello Donald,

      Will message you directly and yes the Window AC will work well with an insulated room. We recommend the LG and the 24.5 BTU model will provide plenty of power for you. Will send some helpful tips for floral DIY Cooler builds.

      Thank you Donald and hope to be of service.

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Jorge,

      Yes indeed and I am emailing you a list of compatible Mini Splits now. Also available on our website in the “Build It” section.

      Thank you for your inquiry Jorge.

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  8. Hello , I have made a walk in cool inside my shop , the cooler is 8’x7′, 7′ high walls . It is in the corner of my shop, my shop measures 28′ x 36′ ’14’ ceiling . The problem is the outside of the shop is finished siding already . Could I use a wall mount A/C and have it vented into the shop area, or should I cut out the back side of the cooler and have it vented outside ?

    1. Hello Al,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry and great question. AC does not have to be vented to the exterior, but can be if a space saver or contributes from a design perspective. Venting to the shop area is certainly a viable option. I will message you directly and see if we can work through it.

      Also, our amazing Customer Engineers are available during business hours at 888-871-5723

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Hello Manuel,

      Eager to be of service and while the CoolBot system cannot freeze, we are excited to be of service. Are you interested in a DIY Cooler or a Turnkey solution.

      We will reach out directly as well and look forward to being part of the project.

      Thank you,

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  9. What is an easy way to keep my CoolBot cooler from freezing when the outside temps go down below freezing? Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Laura,

      We have a few workarounds for cold weather and will send directly to you. Our customer service team is always available to chat as well at 888-871-5723.

      Thank you Laura,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  10. I am want to install walkin cooler in my new grocery shop for meat Dept 6×6 feet , do we need to buy insulated panel for the room and also let me know if we can buy it in canada and will you recommend any technician in Toronto Thanks

    1. Hello Ansari,

      Have emailed you directly with information on the build itself, (How To Guide) etc. We do not recommend technicians in most cases, our coolers are designed to be DIY for the most part and components can be found at hardware and home improvement stores. Insulation is readily available at such locations.

      Please feel free to call our support line at 888-871-5723 for more information and visit our Build It page for information on materials needed.

      Thank you sincerely,

      John Bergher
      VP Sales & Marketing

  11. Does coolBot work for meat products too. How can I get in Uganda. Please send me more information please for small scale use.Thanks

  12. Hello! i want to build a keg and cold crash room for my kegs (15) and 60 gallon fermenter (3) was thinking of a 8×10″ What AC unit do you recommend with the coolbot, i was planning on getting a minisplit so i have low energy consumption and pay less electricity bills hehe, do you have some sort of diy examples on how to build the room? I have plenty of reflectix if that helps. thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Hector,

      Great questions and we recommend LG as a brand and size of AC may vary on desired temperature and insulation. Will be messaging you shortly with some more information on the DIY cooler and Air Conditioners.

      Thank you,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  13. Is the room temperature sensor waterproof? Look to cool a wine cellar and would want the probe to be inserted into a bottle of water to adjust the temperature based on the liquid temp.

    1. Hello Brett, appreciate the inquiry and a good one.

      Our sensors are they are rated IP68 which is only a few mins in water at a time. Will email you directly and our Customer Care Engineers are also available Monday through Friday at 888-871-5723.

      Thank you Brett,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    2. Hi Brett,

      Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in CoolBot. As John explained our sensors exceed IP68 ratings but they are NOT meant to be permanently submerged. I can see how this approach is tempting for some users as they want to maintain the unit running only “as necessary” and the least possible time. There is a problem with this set up and the reason why you will find most of cooling applications having and “air temperature” thermostat. If you had your thermometer inside the liquid and you where loading “new inventory” that needs to be cooled down, the response on the liquid you have would be minimal compared with what really needs to happen in the room (cool your new product as fast as you can). Therefore recovery times would not be efficient and take much longer causing possible problems on product that has been recently introduced as the liquid in your sensor has already settled for hrs in the cooler and wont react as needed to the change in the environment (as opposed to the air). Having a well insulated room that is “airtight” is the best way you can ensure minimal cycling and constant temperatures in your cooler.

  14. Hello I’m a florist and work in a 14 x 14 room and was wondering if the cool
    Not was a good idea to get for the studio space we work in that we leave our larger floral arrangements in. We have a spot to put a indoor/outdoor ac unit, but was interested if you have any advise on good ac unit and if we should get the coolbot as well. We don’t need the room to feel like a cooler, but we’re in California so definitely want it to get cold during the summer. We also have cement floors if that helps.

    1. Hello Megan,

      Sounds like a perfect scenario for the CoolBot and I will be emailing you some links to see Floral Coolers and Build Tips shortly. All available on our site at Sending an email shortly and hope to be a resource for you and the business.

      With much appreciation,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  15. Will the CoolBot work with an existing Walk in cooler compressor and evaporator (traditional set up) ? I would like to use the WI Fi system to monitor the temperature and trend the temperature.

    1. Hello Fred,

      While the CoolBot will not function as a control device for a traditional system, we have seen it used for special monitoring projects. Will respond directly on your email and perhaps connect on a few ideas.

      Thank you Fred,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

    1. Thank you Steve,

      Great suggestion and we are currently working on a few features related to the CoolBot Pro and the App. We definitely want to add more interactive content and tools for our customer base.

      With much appreciation Steve and I will email you directly as well.

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  16. Hello- can I get some build info for the Coolbot. I want to build a cool down room for meat birds and turkeys. Thanks!

  17. Preparing to frame and construct 10×12 walk in cooler inside my pack house for produce farm. Will the LG 18,000BTU be sufficient w/R26? I’m going to construct it over slab floor in previous welding shop area. If I place 3/4″ Treated Plywood inside framed area of Floor then cement over it with 3′ slab, will that create enough Thermo Mass to maintain coolness during busy summer days with door opening often?

    1. Hello Ron,

      Great question and thank you for the details. Right on the cusp of moving to the 24.5 K which would provide a bit extra power with extra door openings. Both AC’s are 230V, so if you have not purchased already, a worthwhile consideration. If already have the 18K, finding a way to add some R to the Floor would be recommended. At least on layer of Rigid Foam under the plywood (treated) and protected from moisture would be significant enhancement.

      Will also reach out directly and excited to be part of the project and be of service.

      Thank you Ron,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  18. What AC unit do I need with the coolbot? Will any window or free standing unit work? I just have a small keg cooler set up. Will hold about 4 full kegs. In a mobile unit, so trying to find the easiest set up. Ordering the coolbot pro today. Just not sure what kind of AC unit to order…

    1. Good morning Brooke,

      Thank you for your inquiry and there are several brands that work well in conjunction with the CoolBot. We recommend and sell LG and there is a combo discount when purchasing both the Pro and AC from us. We can help with sizing as well and our Customer Service Engineers are available at 888-871-5723 to help on all fronts.

      I will be messaging you directly as well with a list of compatible ACs shortly.

      Thank you Brooke, we look forward to being part of the project.

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  19. My room that I will be using is a 5 1/2 by 6 . What size air conditioner do reccomend. This will be for a flower shop.

    1. Hello Dianne,

      An 8K BTU AC is recommended for Floral and we recommend using LG. There are other compatible brands as well and I will email you the list directly.

      Thank you for reaching out and we are excited to be part of the project.


      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  20. Hi there, I am considering the CoolBot to acomplement a 10,000 BTU window AC unit in my approx. 450 sq. foot commercial kitchen to keep the temp more cool and stable. Would this work and if so, could I run the AC unit by you to ensure it would be the right complement to the CoolBot? Thank you.

    1. Hello Andrew,

      If compatible, the AC would blow colder air for sure. Depending on the ambient conditions and insulation, the effectiveness may vary. I will email you directly with the AC compatibility list and see how we can be of service.

      Thank you Andrew,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

  21. I live I south Louisiana we’re it’s in hot over 75 degrees over 80% of the year could I insulate a building and use the cool bot with a/c unit to get down to temp for walk in fridge?

    1. Hello Sam,

      You bet, with R 25 or better insulation and the right sized AC, you can reach temperatures in the low to mid 30s. Will email you directly and more information is always available on our website for projects of all kind.
      In addition, our Customer Support Engineers are always available at 888-871-5723 and we love engineering this stuff with our customers.

      Thank you Sam,

      John Bergher
      Vice President Sales & Marketing

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