Mayfield Flowers: How Two Sisters Built a Blooming Business

Marcy White and Keely Sindler aren’t just the owners and the creative duo behind Mayfield Flowers. They’re also sisters. In true sibling fashion, Keely, who was already working in floral design, enticed Marcy to start working as her assistant. “She made me wash her buckets for her,” Marcy laughs.

The bucket-washing went well, so Keely started teaching her sister the art of floral design. The two worked well together and soon found themselves getting more and more wedding contracts. So they decided to open their own shop. “We couldn’t seem to get away from working weddings together,” says Marcy, “so 5 years ago we decided to quit our jobs and start our own business.”

Today, the sisters create custom floral arrangements for weddings, showers, and private parties in the Chicago area. They’ve garnered quite a few accolades, including a 2017 Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire.

They were also recently featured in Chicago Bridal Magazine. So, it’s fair to say that the Mayfield Flowers business is officially blooming.

A growing floral business comes with a growing need for cold storage. Flowers require a delicate balance of temperature and humidity to prevent freezing or drying out. The ideal conditions are 34-36°F and 90% humidity. Even a couple degree dip poses a risk to flowers and greenery — not something a florist wants to deal with leading up to a wedding or an event.

To help them get started, Keely and Marcy’s dad, Mike, outfitted the basement of the family home with air conditioners and a smaller cooler with a sliding glass door to create a flower storage and production space. The business quickly outgrew this arrangement, so Keely, Marcy, and Mike started looking for another solution. They considered building a traditional walk-in cooler that relied on a compressor, but they didn’t want to deal with inconsistent and expensive refrigeration.

Through industry contacts, they heard that the CoolBot was an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional flower storage. “What grabbed my attention about the CoolBot was the ability to get away from the compressor that can sometimes freeze your stuff,” says Keely. “Even this morning, our other cooler froze a little bit of our greenery.”

After some research, Keely and Marcy chose the turnkey CoolBot Walk-in Cooler to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity for their flowers. One of the big draws was that the cooler uses an air conditioner, rather than a compressor. If something goes wrong, like the air conditioner going out, all you have to do is buy a new air conditioner. Rather than waiting — and paying — for expensive compressor maintenance and risking losing inventory, you can DIY a new cooler in just about the time it takes to make a trip to Home Depot.

Once delivered, the CoolBot Walk-in Cooler took only an afternoon to assemble. “I was surprised it went up so quickly,” says Mike. “Once you see the panels, it’s pretty intuitive.”

So, how’s it going so far?

We love it,” says Keely. “We’re telling all our friends in the industry and our suppliers. Everyone’s curious and interested and we’re really excited about it. We feel like proud new parents of our cooler.”

The sisters aren’t the only ones happy with the cooler. The whole family wants to get in on the action. “We have such a big family — mom and dad are always trying to store food in there,” Keely says. “And we’re always trying to keep everybody out.” Perhaps a second cooler is in the family’s future.


If you know anyone who’s getting married or planning a special event in Chicagoland, send them over to the Mayfield Flowers website. For other great local vendors, check out the ‘Friends’ page — it will point you to some of the area’s best photographers, caterers, and event planners. And, if you’re planning an event or just love flowers, follow Mayfield Flowers on Instagram for inspiration. Marcy took a lot of the pictures, and they’re gorgeous!

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  1. My coolbot is the best, our cut flower business went up a notch after getting it. Patty in customer service is the best. Thanks for all her help.

    1. Thank you Martha and agreed, Patty is amazing and is actually one of our founders. She knows the CoolBot better than anyone. Here if you ever need us and best always! Team CoolBot

  2. My Cool Bot is the best thing, I found it as I was starting out my new wedding floral business and I knew I needed a solution for refrigeration that my business could afford, as I looked around for solutions I realized just how expensive large walk in coolers cost and my husband said they are expensive to run, as I kept looking a Cool Bot ad came up on my search, I showed my husband and said it would work, I bought it and put it in a large room at first then as I expanded my husband built me a walk in cooler with my cool bot. I can not say enough about this tiny little piece of ingenuity, I can count on it doing exactly what I need it to do, it is so dependable!! I would recommend that this is the answer for refrigeration of any kind.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and endorsement Karla. We love our Floral community and are working on new and exciting ways to help folks like you grow their businesses. Love to see a few pictures and I will reach out to you directly as well.
      With sincere appreciation from our entire team.
      John Bergher
      Vice President of Sales & Marketing
      Store it Cold, LLC.

    1. Thank you Brianna,
      Sent some information and my personal contact info. Excited to talk cold storage for the floral business and love your website.
      Best regards,
      John Bergher
      VP Sales / Marketing

  3. Hello, I am a florist and rent a space in a plaza. I recently heard about the CoolBot.I want to build my own walk in cooler. Would like any information on how to do this economically. But my main question is ..does the air conditioner have to be vented to the outdoors. Because I cannot cut a hole in the wall. Thanks in advance. Also looking on pricing. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      This is a very common question. Usually, there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding about how A/Cs work.
      It is perfectly fine for an A/C to vent inside a space, as long as the space is big enough, has good ventilation, and that you have proper clearance behind the A/C on the back (at least 2ft in every direction) so it can vent properly.
      Like any other refrigerator system, the A/C is just blowing warm air on the back, that is all.

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