Love At First Sight: Romance in Blooms Meets CoolBot

Kathleen Kreher is the owner of a retail flower shop, Romance in Blooms, in Chicago, Illinois. She has been in business since 1994, offering flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals and everything in between. Over the decades, both her passion for flowers and her loyal customer base has blossomed. 

But in 2023, she faced a major challenge: her landlord decided not to renew her lease after twenty three years in the same space. She had to find a new location, build it out, and rapidly move her business in a short time. And she had to do it during the busiest season of the year: Valentine’s Day.

To add to that stressful scenario, she was facing the major problem of how to refrigerate her flowers. She needed to construct a new cooler for her flowers as soon as possible. Her previous coolers were too big and too bulky to fit in her new space, which was a long and narrow former yoga studio. Plus, she didn’t want to deal with the noise and maintenance of a traditional compressor.

That’s when she heard about the CoolBot Pro, a device that allows you to build a low-cost and energy-efficient walk-in cooler with an air conditioner and a smartphone app. She had seen some posts from other florists on Facebook who had used the CoolBot system and were happy with it. She decided to give it a try.

Kathleen came up with a design using sliding barn doors for her cooler, which saved space and looked stylish. She bought two CoolBot Pros and two Mitsubishi mini split air conditioners, one for each cooler. She worked with the CoolBot team to choose the right air conditioner and install the CoolBot Pro device.

According to Kathleen, her experience with the CoolBot team was very supportive and helpful throughout the entire process. “They were great, helping us select an air conditioner and walking us through our set up,” she said.

And she’s been amazed by the results. The CoolBot Pro kept her flowers fresh and cool, with a consistent temperature and humidity. She could monitor and control her cooler remotely with the smartphone app, and receive alerts if anything went wrong. She also noticed that the CoolBot Pro was much quieter and more energy-efficient than her old compressor.

Kathleen was so happy with the CoolBot Pro that she decided to build a second cooler in one of the treatment rooms in the back of the shop. She already had the materials and the devices ready to go. She planned to finish the second cooler by January, just in time for (next!) Valentine’s Day.

The CoolBot Pro has been “a lifesaver for her flower business.” Kathleen says she “looks forward to using her CoolBot systems for many years to come.” 

“I would recommend it to any florist who needs a cooler solution,” she said. “It’s easy to use and reliable, and it’s a lot cheaper and more energy-efficient than a traditional compressor.”

If Kathleen was to offer advice to other florists interested in using the CoolBot system, she’d suggest that they should do their research, talk to the CoolBot team and follow the instructions carefully. She also said that they should be creative and have fun with the design of their cooler!

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