Introducing the CoolBot Pro: Interview with Store It Cold CEO Brian Murphy

Once upon a time, farmer Ron Kholsa and his college roommate Timothy, an Engineer from Cornell University, tried tinkering around with an A/C unit, attempting to trick it into cooling down to 34 degrees.. Lo and behold, it worked! Now — twelve years and 50K satisfied customers later — Store It Cold has revolutionized the way small business owners, farmers, brewers, wine enthusiasts, florists and hunters are utilizing cold storage. CoolBot Walk-in Coolers have brought state of the art technology to the people, saving literally thousands of dollars for tens of thousands of users. Furthermore, CoolBot has allowed customers to eliminate waste, decreasing spoilage and post harvest loss, thus improving the quality of products around the world.

Now CoolBot is evolving to meet the demands of its customers in keeping up with the rapid changes of technology in the marketplace.

We’ve received lots of feedback from our customers. You asked, we listened! Our customers wanted to remotely control their CoolBot units from their phones, giving them piece of mind while away from their farm, camp or shop. A remote temperature control app would inform users to the exact temperature of their cooler at any time, from any location.

The new CoolBot Pro model is the result of extensive research and development to meet the needs of clients across all of our core markets. The CoolBot Pro is the perfect evolution of CoolBot reliability and WiFi technology.  This combination enables the CoolBot system to send and receive data between the cooler and the CoolBot phone app. Data is displayed in a user friendly manner on all devices and is simple and easy to adjust. The CoolBot Pro app also has a built-in alarm system to alert the user if the cooler drops below a certain temperature or if there is a power outage.

“CoolBot really has its own niche. No other product allows you to do what we do,” says Store It Cold CEO Brian Murphy. “There’s been a strong farm to table movement over the years. People are taking a closer interest in what they’re consuming and how it is grown. And with an increase in small farms, there are less financial means for cold storage. These new farmers prefer a DIY solution,” Brian explains. “There’s been a societal shift of more young people moving into agriculture. The maturation of the CoolBot is a natural progression to serve the needs of a younger, more tech savvy generation.”

Store It Cold is the first to bring this technology to thousands of walk-in coolers each year. From data collection to alarming capability, we’re way ahead of anyone else in the industry.

“The CoolBot is an extremely reliable product, so we didn’t start from scratch for the CoolBot Pro. We built up from our existing platform,” says Brian. “With the CoolBot Pro, we didn’t design at a low cost. We used a robust, rugged and reliable design. People are putting their livelihoods in their coolers, and we don’t want our customers to have to worry about failure.”

With the CoolBot Pro, users have the capability to know — at their fingertips, any place in the world — what their cooler situation is. Unpredictable things happen all the time, whether it’s the electricity going out or a storm rolling in. Typically, people won’t realize that their cooler has stopped functioning until it’s too late. Spoiled produce, rotten meat, dead flowers — CoolBot Pro will prevent these catastrophes for small business owners, entrepreneurs and hobbyists. The CoolBot Pro alarm system will take the risk off the table for people by warning them that something is wrong, allowing users to mobilize and prevent disasters from occurring.

Just when you thought the CoolBot couldn’t get any better, it did. Evolve with us and order your CoolBot Pro now. Manage your walk-In cooler remotely from your phone, just like you manage all the other important things in your life. Like the team at CoolBot says, “ Get Connected – Stay Cool!”TM

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