HVAC Pro Michael Bennett Endorses CoolBot, Saves Customers Time & Money

We are always happy to hear about HVAC professionals using the CoolBot, so when we started seeing posts from Bennett Heating and Cooling, we had to know more.

Michael owns Bennett Heating and Cooling, based in Crossville, Tennessee.

He’s been working in the industry since he graduated high school in 2000.

He cut his teeth at his wife’s family business for several years before starting his own in 2007. In their Yelp reviews, Bennett Heating and Cooling has been described as courteous, professional, quick, timely and efficient.

Michael Bennett was voted Best HVAC Technician in Crossville every year from 2014 through 2018 and Bennet Heating and Cooling was voted Crossville’s #1 Heating And Cooling Company by the Crossville Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice survey each year from 2015 through 2018.

It’s safe to say that Michael is an HVAC expert… as well as a CoolBot enthusiast.

Michael first learned of the CoolBot when a customer of his, a doctor who was installing a wine cooler in his home, had called him up to inquire about it. His customer had learned about CoolBot, as one does, from a Google search and he wanted Michael’s expert opinion about whether he would recommend this unconventional device.

Michael had never seen anything like the CoolBot, but admitted that “whoever invented it is pretty smart.”It made sense to him, so he ended up doing the install for his customer with our original CoolBot unit “a pretty good while ago” and it’s still running perfectly today.

The doctor liked his original CoolBot so much that he recently hired Michael to install a CoolBot Pro for him in his second home (and second wine cellar!). In addition to utilizing a CoolBot Pro (which is controllable via WiFi!) in the doctor’s new wine cellar, Michael also used a mini-split instead of a window A/C unit, which Michael thinks works way better.

“Because mini splits are made to run consistently at a low temperature, they work better and will last longer,” explains Michael. “Plus, they’ve usually got a longer warranty than a window A/C unit.”

Michael has installed CoolBots for several other very satisfied customers throughout Crossville, from various restaurants to breweries — plus in a mobile keg transporting vehicle for a local beer company.

One of the major advantages that Michael’s customers prefer about the CoolBot is the fact that, if anything is to go wrong with their unit, they can just go to the hardware store and fix it themselves without “having to pay an HVAC pro $100/hour to come over and do it for them.” If something goes wrong with their window A/C units, the customers can swap out units on their own.

However, this doesn’t happen often and Michael doesn’t get many calls about CoolBot malfunctions. And the only time he’s had to fix or replace customer’s window A/C units are when exterior fans have been exposed to the elements, causing the fans to freeze up from all that Tennessee rain and humidity.

But complete CoolBot coolers actually come with weather resistant hoods for just this purpose, so this flaw should be avoidable for Michael’s future customers.

Additionally, Michael points out that the low cost of the CoolBot is very appealing to his customers. Even for his customers that choose to use a mini split instead of a window A/C unit, where they need an HVAC professional to install it, the savings versus installing a traditional walk in cooler are quite substantial.

Is Michael receiving more regular business referrals for the CoolBot from his customers?

Absolutely,” he says.

In fact, at the time of this interview, Michael was currently working on redoing a major customer’s personal wine cellar, replacing his regular walk-in cooler with a CoolBot. The future is CoolBot, and Michael Bennett is one HVAC professional who’s totally cool with it.

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