The CoolBot Guarantee

The CoolBot is guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t work or you can’t make it work as well as you expected, you have 45 days to try it out and return it for a complete refund of the purchase price (you have to pay shipping back to us and you need to call or email us for an RMA#). Our return rate is under 1% so we’re really sure you’ll be happy!

The CoolBot is very robust. It’s Made In The USA to withstand farm-style abuse in the harshest of environments. CoolBots are running from the colds of Alaska to multiple units in the deserts of Dubai and Delhi, from India and Tanzania to the jungles of Brazil and even Southern Sudan!

CoolBots are warrantied for 1 year, and you can easily double your warranty simply by filling out a testimonials form!

Why Wouldn’t the CoolBot work for me?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask before buying a CoolBot! We have sold over 90,000 CoolBots since the Company’s founding in 2006, and the CoolBot’s technology is tried, tested and proven by independent sources such as UC Davis, the University of Vermont, University of Kentucky, and a multitude of other institutions and corporations. That being said, the CoolBot is not appropriate for every application.

Although the CoolBot is guaranteed and you can return it within 45 days, please do check out our Is CoolBot Right for You page and our reviews. Since 2006, we have garnered an extremely positive response from our customers. This positive response is not because it’s the perfect technology for everyone! It’s because we are extremely upfront about what applications the CoolBot will work in, and where it will not work as well.