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Your cooler contents are valuable, and the Pro's temperature alerts let you know if there is an issue for prompt action.

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I chose it over other methods because I know others that have them too and they gladly endorsed them. I chose the Pro for piece of mind no matter where I am I know if there’s any problems.

Warren B.

Use: Cheese and Dairy

Very pleased with the CoolBot Pro after our recent install in our deer cooler on our farm. I had problems setting up the WIFI due to weak signal to the jumper unit but figured it out with the help of your customer support team. Thanks again for your time and effort.

William R.

Use: Hunting and Meat Processing

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I’ve had it up and running for about a month and loving how it’s performing!! I made the room as instructed and its keeping the temperature at 36° with an average humidity of 85; which is perfect for floral.

Jason B.

Use: Floral


Five Reasons to Buy the CoolBot Pro


A CoolBot Pro provides diagnostics on your cooler performance, so if any support issues come up, the Pro helps us, help you.


Setting up the CoolBot Pro is simple and we are here with live custom support if needed, for the life of your cooler.


Even if you do not have WiFi currently, chances are that you will in the future. Your CoolBot Pro and interactive phone app will be ready for and if you reach out to us in Support, we can provide you with alternative methods to establish Internet connectivity in the meantime.


 The ability to monitor your cooler from any connected device, anywhere protects your inventory and investment.

The revolutionary CoolBot Pro is the next generation of the CoolBot. Adopting new technologies, the CoolBot Pro allows you remotely monitor and control your cooler by phone, tablet, or computer. Learn more below.