How Energy Efficient Solutions Transforms Spaces (and Lives) with Spray Foam

What do houses, food trucks, and shipping containers have in common? They’re all vulnerable to heat loss due to air leaks and moisture, which can quickly drive up energy costs.

To keep those costs down, Energy Efficient Solutions recommends an easy-as-pie solution: spray foam. Just point, shoot, and walk away.

Container insulated with spray foam
Container insulated with spray foam

Since the company’s founding in 2003, Energy Efficient Solutions has worked with customers to find the best possible solution for their energy-saving needs, whether they’re trying to keep heat in or out. Today, the company sells everything from foam panels and spray foam kits to radiant barriers and solar-powered attic fans. Overall, the goal is to provide people across the United States with simple, effective, and eco-friendly ways to boost the energy efficiency of their homes and other spaces.

One population Energy Efficient Solutions is particularly passionate about helping is individuals with health problems like immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. These conditions can make people highly sensitive to temperature, so having good insulation in their homes can make a big difference in the quality of their lives. “One of the things we really like to focus on is just helping people to do the best they can with energy efficiency and with their comfort levels,” says Energy Efficient Solutions President and CEO Brad Bruce.  

The company also enjoy working on unique collaborative projects with their customers. Most recently, they consulted with a Midlothian, Texas-based engineer to build an oxygen cylinder storage tank for the International Space Station. Another customer — a classic car builder no less — built an ice cream truck for the SEMA Las Vegas International auto show using an EES spray foam kit. Talk about cool!

Energy Efficient Solutions also contributes to projects that help transform their community, like F.A.R.M. (Farmers Assisting Returning Military), for which they helped construct a walk-in cooler for affordable cold food storage using a CoolBot and an air conditioner.

Beyond providing commercial value, Bruce believes the CoolBot has the power to transform people’s lives in remote areas, for example, by providing storage for food and vaccines. “To enable folks out in the middle of nowhere to store their food in very, very cold temperatures — and to preserve that food — that’s going to make a huge impact on people’s lives.”

In particular, he believes the technology will be enormously useful in areas of the world that don’t have an established cold chain, like Africa. “They don’t have reliable cold storage over there,” Bruce says. “They can’t afford these huge refrigeration systems — it’s just out of their range. To get something in with a low-cost HVAC window unit and a CoolBot and maybe an inch of foam or some foam panels…these kits are perfect for that because they can go into remote areas.”

With the committed team behind Energy Efficient Solutions, there’s no doubt they’ll continue to empower customers in their quest for affordable, comfortable, and energy-efficient spaces for a long time to come. “Insulation doesn’t sound very sexy, but if you can help someone along the way, well, what’s life about anyway?” says Bruce.

Actually, that does sound pretty sexy. Check ‘em out.

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