How David Draper Uses a Mobile Cooler to Take Meat from Field to Plate

If you’re a hunter or wild game enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of David Draper. He’s the noted wild game cook and recipe developer responsible for all of those mouth-watering recipes on Field & Stream and Petersen’s Hunting. This year, Draper will be using a CoolBot mobile walk-in cooler and portable deer cooler to help him keep his meat fresh during hunting season. Here’s what he has to say:

My CoolBot-equipped trailer will be a game changer for hunting season, especially those early elk and antelope seasons. Hot weather and warm temperatures are the biggest threat to game meat, and this mobile walk-in cooler will enable me to cool meat quickly, even when I’m far out in the wild. This ensures I respect the resource by taking my hard-hunted meat from the field to plate with no loss of quality or spoilage. Thanks to the folks at CoolBot for providing a smart solution for hunters, and helping me with the design and build of my very own mobile meat-processing trailer.

Follow Draper’s adventures in hunting and good eating on Twitter and Instagram.

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Ready to get your CoolBot and construct your own portable meat cooler?

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