Custom ‘Kool-R-Bot Trailers’: Mobile Cold Storage Solutions for Hunters + Moore 

When it comes to preserving freshly harvested game, hunters face unique challenges – especially in remote locations where electricity and refrigeration is scarce. Enter the custom CoolBot trailer: a game-changing solution that combines mobility, cooling efficiency and versatility. In this post, we’ll dive into the story of Kevin Moore, a Texan craftsman who has been building custom CoolBot trailers for hunters, meat markets and BBQ enthusiasts.

Kevin, based west of Fort Worth, Texas, found inspiration in his son’s hunting outfit business. With numerous hunts taking place in far west Texas – where ranches lack walk-in coolers or any means to chill meat – Kevin recognized an opportunity. He set out to create a mobile cold storage solution that could handle hanging animals, even in off-the-grid scenarios.

In the heart of Kevin’s innovation lies in the CoolBot system. By retrofitting standard box trailers, he transformed them into portable refrigeration units. Kevin calls his custom built mobile coolers ‘Kool-R-Box’ trailers.

And here’s how he did it:

Kevin’s CoolBot installation process involves cutting out the front of the trailer. He strategically selects trailers with robust support systems to minimize additional structural work. The window unit connects to the CoolBot system, and Kevin builds out the interior of the trailer with meat hooks, poles and other client-specific requests.

Kevin removed the interior plywood from the trailers and inserted insulation boards between the ribs. To ensure optimal insulation, he added 1-inch inserts on each rib before reattaching the plywood. An epoxy paint coating seals the plywood, preventing moisture and mold issues. Kevin also installed a 2-inch drain for easy cleaning. 

LED lights with switches illuminate the interior, while plugs allow for additional appliances. Some trailers even feature a dry storage area. And Kevin’s customized CoolBot trailers also come equipped with a heavy cable extension cord and plug, so that his clients can choose their power source: either a generator (while driving) or plugging into regular 110V outlets. Having the flexibility makes these trailers all the more convenient.

Kevin has completed three CoolBot trailers so far, all tailored for hunters. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Kevin’s son uses his trailer at multiple hunting locations, and it’s become an essential tool for transporting game back to home or to processing facilities. Kevin has also received several inquiries from meat markets and BBQ companies interested in purchasing their own customized CoolBot trailers for transporting beef.

The typical turnaround time – from trailer purchase to completion – for one of his buildouts ranges from 3 to 4 weeks, depending how quickly he can find a trailer to buy. While most clients are within a 100-mile radius, he is open to expanding his reach.

Before CoolBot, Kevin used a 64-quart cooler filled with ice to process his own meat. Now, the clean finish and ease of maintenance make CoolBot trailers the preferred choice. 

Kevin’s craftsmanship – combined with CoolBot! – ensures that your meat stays fresh, even in the most remote locations.

If you’re interested in purchasing a ‘Kool-R-Box’ from Kevin Moore, you can reach him at:
p: 817-559-5360

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  1. I have a ranch in Vernon Texas, I live in Athens, Texas. I need a trailer cooler that would hold about 4 deer at a time, do you have any suggestions to make and model and cost. Thanks

    1. Hello Billy, Sounds like a great use for a trailer cooler. We don’t build them ourselves, but if you reach out to Kevin at Kool-R-Box at or call 817-559-5360. I’m sure they can give you a better idea of trailer cost and help get you one.

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