What to Do When Your Cooler Compressor Fails and You Need Cold Storage Fast

Cooler compressor went out? Need cold storage pronto?

We hear horror stories all of the time about the refrigeration systems on traditional walk-in coolers failing. Typically, the culprit is the compressor, which seems to fail at the most inopportune times, like when you’ve just received a shipment of food. Or the night before a big event. Or when a heat wave makes keeping things cold more difficult and more essential.

It can take a couple of weeks to get an HVAC technician on site, even in the best of times. And if you’re not the only one affected (like in a heat wave), it could be months before you’re #1 on the repair list.

But temperature-sensitive items like food and flowers simply won’t wait that long. You may have a few days before you lose everything, but you certainly don’t have weeks or months.

What can you do?

The CoolBot provides a fast, easy way for you to get that broken walk-in cooler up and running again in no time. All you need is your existing cooler, a CoolBot, and an air conditioner. The video below takes you step-by-step through exactly how to convert your walk-in cooler into a CoolBot refrigeration system in about 30 minutes.

Best of all, the CoolBot solution saves you a ton of money. You don’t have to pay for the HVAC service call, which, as you probably know, can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Plus, the CoolBot and the air conditioner together use up to 42% less energy than a traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration system.

It also saves you on repairs down the line because you’ll never have to call an HVAC technician again. If the compressor on the air conditioner goes out, all you have to do is pick up a new A/C unit. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never be more than a trip to Home Depot away from a brand new cooling system.

The CoolBot refrigeration system is becoming so popular that even HVAC companies are starting to offer it because it provides the most value for their customers. Learn why Austin Joshua Grimm, owner of South Carolina’s All Pro Coolers, loves the CoolBot.

If you have an existing walk-in cooler and you need cold storage in a jiffy, order your CoolBot today. We offer free standard shipping (4-6 business days) in the United States, or you can get it in 2 days with expedited shipping. Save even more money by bundling the CoolBot with an air conditioner. Click here for a discount code to save up to $60 on a CoolBot and an air conditioner together.

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    1. Thank you Richard,
      Interesting and being used by 40,000 plus CoolBot customers. Will reach out directly as well and hope to be of service.
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  1. I have a cooler that I put together this spring and installed my CoolBot and AC in early June. It works great. I can’t believe how simple and efficient it is. Thank You!

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