Energy Efficient Walk-In Coolers

Powered by the °CoolBot Pro

  • Includes A/C Unit and our newest °CoolBot Pro with WiFi capability
  • Industry leading extruded foam insulated panels
  • Low maintenance refrigeration system – no costly service calls
  • Energy savings – $100s lower annual electricity bill
  • Assembles in approximately 2 hours – including refrigeration system
  • Options:  Outdoor package, windows, and 48″ door
  • NSF Certified cooler panels have 10 yr warranty
  • A/C and °CoolBot have 1 yr warranty


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I evaluated several other options and found that the CoolBot Walk-In Cooler was the perfect solution for my small brewery business — it’s affordable, easy to assemble, and easy to use. Best of all, it works perfectly!

– Martin Prebula, CoolBot Walk-in Cooler Customer

Time Lapse Installation

Detailed Installation Video

How We Save You Money Today and Everyday

  1. Store It Cold list price [4/10/2018]
  2. Quote from a leading supplier of name brand walk-in coolers [4/10/2018]
  3. Quote in Denver, Colorado for a standard walk-in cooler refrigeration system installation [1/17/2018]
  4. 41.7% energy savings when comparing a CoolBot-driven system versus a conventional refrigeration system for a simulated cooler. The simulated cooler was 250 square feet, located in Albany, and set at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. See page 13 of the NYSERDA report
  5. Monthly subscription of $3.99 with yearly contract

Quote for a Nor-lake walk In cooler KLB7788-c INDOOR from webstaurant store

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