Team Flower Converts to CoolBot Pro

Team Flower has been using our Gen 6 CoolBot model for about five years. Their unique setup is super cool: Jesse Perry and his wife, Kelly, came across a refrigerated cooling truck for sale. Jesse was quick to point out that technically, it was Kelly’s dad who ought to be credited for stumbling across this … Continued

Alyssa Sager Transitions From Tech to Flowers With CoolBot

Alyssa Sager is pretty much brand new to the floral industry. Nothing about her professional background might have alluded to her current line of work. She’s bounced around a lot — geographically speaking — from Washington DC to Hawaii, where she learned the art of lei making and flower crowns, which she found to be … Continued

Random Acts of Flowers Spreads the Healing Power of Bouquets

Have you heard about the hottest trend in healthcare? No, it’s not telemedicine or wearable tech (though technology is certainly making its mark). It’s…are you ready?…flowers! Bringing flowers to a loved one in the hospital is a time-honored tradition. But, you probably don’t realize exactly how much of a difference this simple act can make. … Continued

Mayfield Flowers: How Two Sisters Built a Blooming Business

Marcy White and Keely Sindler aren’t just the owners and the creative duo behind Mayfield Flowers. They’re also sisters. In true sibling fashion, Keely, who was already working in floral design, enticed Marcy to start working as her assistant. “She made me wash her buckets for her,” Marcy laughs. The bucket-washing went well, so Keely … Continued