How to Prepare Your CoolBot and Your Cooler for Spring

Spring is here! As we all roll up our sleeves to get ready for the season, till in the cover crop, seed trays and get those first transplants into the field, there’s one other chore to add to the list: cooler prep. Making sure your cooler is ready to work for you is quick and easy … Continued

Top 10 DIY Projects

One of the best parts of a DIY project is that you can create something custom that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you’ve always wanted to build your own root cellar or collect rainwater for your garden, this year’s a great time to get it done. For whatever your preferences, here are some projects for … Continued

Top 10 Uses for a DIY Walk-In Cooler

A DIY walk-in cooler can make storing vegetables, beer and wine, and meat both affordable and energy efficient. Here are some ways you can use a walk-in cooler for home projects. 1. Root cellar / cold storage room Calling all homesteaders! Finally, there’s a modern and affordable way to keep your food fresh and in … Continued

How to Build a Walk-In Cooler for Your Small Farm [Free Guide]

For small farms, cold storage can mean the difference between profitability and not making ends meet. Produce starts to deteriorate as soon as it’s picked, and, especially in warm temperatures, that deterioration can happen very quickly. This can lead to costly postharvest loss. Cold storage enables you to harvest your crops at the most advantageous … Continued