Refrigeration and CoolBot 101

Have you ever considered what a summertime trip to the supermarket would be like without refrigeration? You jump into your air conditioned car, a brief respite from the afternoon’s blistering temperatures. Your hair curls as soon as you step out into the parking lot (thanks humidity!), until you cross the threshold of the supermarket’s automatic … Continued

How to Set Up Your Cooler for the Winter Season

As the warm months fade away and the cold season moves in, a lot of our users wonder how to manage the cold temperatures in their coolers. This guide will help you learn how to set up your walk in cooler for winter. When temperatures outside fall below the freezing point, temperatures inside the cooler … Continued

DIY Walk-In Cooler Repair [VIDEO]

If your walk-in cooler’s compressor goes out, don’t sweat it! Save money by installing a CoolBot and window air conditioner yourself. This walk-in cooler repair video will show you how to get your cooler up and running again in less than 30 minutes.

How to Build a Walk-in Cooler for Breweries

As a brewer, you know the importance of temperature. Depending on the type of beer you brew and how you serve it, you may want to achieve temperatures in the 35°F range (for lagering) or you may need something closer to 50°F (for fermentation). For storing kegs or running tap lines to your tasting room, … Continued

Building a DIY Indoor Cooler [VIDEO]

DIY Indoor Cooler Building a DIY indoor cooler is simpler than you think! This 20-minute video tutorial walks you through all the steps for building your own indoor cooler.       Read more about the top DIY projects of 2017.          

Building a CoolBot Walk-In Cooler [VIDEO]

CoolBot Walk-In Cooler This 16-minute video walks you through the steps for building your very own CoolBot Walk-In Cooler. Our turnkey solution assembles in as little as one hour.     One of the best uses for the CoolBot Walk-In Cooler is for storing and cooling game meat. Hunters, read more about how building a … Continued