For the Love of Seeds – ECHO Teaches Sustainable Farming + Provides Crops to Global Network

Holly Sobetski started working with ECHO as an intern in 2005, enrolled in their fourteen month agricultural internship program for recent college graduates. The program is specifically geared towards grads who are interested in becoming development workers overseas, helping small scale farmers in second and third world countries. Holly spent five years working in Cambodia, … Continued

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Upgrades to CoolBot Pro

Curtis Stone has been busy, very busy.  His money generating urban farm (one third of an acre equals $75,000 a year!) keeps him busy as does traveling the world teaching other farmers how to streamline their process and produce like his farm does. When we spoke with Curtis two years ago he outlined his three … Continued

Refrigeration and CoolBot 101

Have you ever considered what a summertime trip to the supermarket would be like without refrigeration? You jump into your air conditioned car, a brief respite from the afternoon’s blistering temperatures. Your hair curls as soon as you step out into the parking lot (thanks humidity!), until you cross the threshold of the supermarket’s automatic … Continued

CoolBot Helps Avoid Fallout With Nuclear Seed Potatoes

Q&A With Jenny Durrin & Matt Roth University of Idaho’s Nuclear Seed Potato Program “Would you like fries with that?” Yes, of course you would. And chances are that those fries came from the pre-nuclear seed potatoes grown in the University of Idaho’s greenhouses. We know what you’re thinking: WTF are nuclear seed potatoes? Were … Continued

How the CoolBot Helps Dole Keep Fruit Fresh in Honduras

If you enjoyed a fresh Dole pineapple or banana this year, it’s possible your tasty fruit spent some time in a CoolBot-driven walk-in cooler. Earlier this year, Dole Food Company — one of the top global suppliers of pineapples and bananas — started using the CoolBot for their operations in Honduras. Fun fact: Honduras exported … Continued

How Greenshine Farms Went from Zero to Success in 6 Months

With not much money in the bank and a baby on the way, most people probably wouldn’t decide the timing was perfect to move to a new state and start a farm. But Rand and Alexandra Gifford aren’t most people. Earlier this year, they moved from a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago to a 10-acre property … Continued