Building a CoolBot Walk-In Cooler [VIDEO]

CoolBot Walk-In Cooler

This 16-minute video walks you through the steps for building your very own CoolBot Walk-In Cooler. Our turnkey solution assembles in as little as one hour.

One of the best uses for the CoolBot Walk-In Cooler is for storing and cooling game meat. Hunters, read more about how building a homemade meat cooler can not only help you preserve your game, but it can save you money and help your meat taste better:

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    1. Hello jack,

      We have just what you need in our “How To Choose The Right A/C” section. There is a compatibility list so you can choose a brand that is compatible (LG is our preferred brand and we sell it on our website for convenience) and also, we have an online calculator in that same page, to give you the size of A/C you will need for the room depending on the temperature you are intending to keep.

      If you have additional questions our support team is always happy to help at

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