Meet Julia Giglio, the 17-Year-Old Venturer and Community Leader Who Built a Walk-in Cooler for Her Local Food Bank

Julia Giglio must have a Time-Turner. That’s the most logical explanation for how this high school senior in Urbana, MD, can possibly do all of the things she does. “Unfortunately for my parents, I’m very heavily involved,” she laughs. Giglio is the Vice President of Programs for the National Capital Area Council Venturing Officers Association … Continued

Random Acts of Flowers Spreads the Healing Power of Bouquets

Have you heard about the hottest trend in healthcare? No, it’s not telemedicine or wearable tech (though technology is certainly making its mark). It’s…are you ready?…flowers! Bringing flowers to a loved one in the hospital is a time-honored tradition. But, you probably don’t realize exactly how much of a difference this simple act can make. … Continued