For the Love of Seeds – ECHO Teaches Sustainable Farming + Provides Crops to Global Network

Holly Sobetski started working with ECHO as an intern in 2005, enrolled in their fourteen month agricultural internship program for recent college graduates. The program is specifically geared towards grads who are interested in becoming development workers overseas, helping small scale farmers in second and third world countries. Holly spent five years working in Cambodia, … Continued

John Helms Builds Custom Refrigerated Trailers Of Your Dreams

John Helms doesn’t personally own a CoolBot. But he is deeply familiar with our products, installing them regularly at his business building custom refrigerated trailers for clients at American Trailers of the Carolinas Inc. Helms’ trailers are sold all over the country, from Texas to Oregon, Pennsylvania to Illinois, and Florida to New York.  “My … Continued

Holy Cow! Prairie Pure Cheese Uses CoolBot To Store Tasty Products

Brian Gerloff, along with his wife Carole, is one of the managing partners of a little company called Prairie Pure Cheese, based about fifty miles outside Chicago in Belvidere, Illinois. Brian is a dairy cattle veterinarian with a PhD in Dairy Nutrition. He plays a role in advising what to feed cattle to keep them healthy, … Continued

Lagers Need Love Too – Caveman Brews Year Round With CoolBot

Jeff Bonner started out homebrewing in 1989 in Arizona. He’d just gotten married, and his new wife, Alison — who’s a total book nerd — had recently joined a bookclub. It was in this very book club that Alison stumbled upon a “How To Brew” book that came with a fermentor and homebrew kit, which … Continued

Why is Josh Hazen so Crabby?

Josh started working at the docks in Annapolis, Maryland when he was just fourteen years old. “It’s where lots of local watermen and commercial fisherman come to unload their crabs, clams and fish by the boat,” he tells us. “It’s become a big tourist attraction.” During his time working as a teenager, Josh met a … Continued