Refrigeration and CoolBot 101

Have you ever considered what a summertime trip to the supermarket would be like without refrigeration? You jump into your air conditioned car, a brief respite from the afternoon’s blistering temperatures. Your hair curls as soon as you step out into the parking lot (thanks humidity!), until you cross the threshold of the supermarket’s automatic … Continued

CoolBot Helps Avoid Fallout With Nuclear Seed Potatoes

Q&A With Jenny Durrin & Matt Roth University of Idaho’s Nuclear Seed Potato Program “Would you like fries with that?” Yes, of course you would. And chances are that those fries came from the pre-nuclear seed potatoes grown in the University of Idaho’s greenhouses. We know what you’re thinking: WTF are nuclear seed potatoes? Were … Continued

Random Acts of Flowers Spreads the Healing Power of Bouquets

Have you heard about the hottest trend in healthcare? No, it’s not telemedicine or wearable tech (though technology is certainly making its mark). It’s…are you ready?…flowers! Bringing flowers to a loved one in the hospital is a time-honored tradition. But, you probably don’t realize exactly how much of a difference this simple act can make. … Continued